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  • Eyes: Brown
  • Hair: Black (white stripe after use of Berserker armor)
  • Height: 6'4"
  • Weight: 230 lbs (200 after use of the Berserker armor)


Guts was created by the mangaka Kentaro Miura.



Guts is a tormented soul that has gone through a lot since his birth. He was raised among mercenaries with an adoptive father, Gambino blaming him for all his woes and wishing the boy had died. It didn't help that Guts was raised on battlefields and that Gambino sold him for one night to a man. This greatly affected Guts and lead him to be distant from all for a long time.

Things changed after being forced into the Band of the Hawk by their leader Griffith. Guts was harsh at first and intent to leave. Guts only trusted in that of his broadsword as through all he had been through growing up. The sword had never betrayed Guts and was always there to protect him. He gradually found his place with Griffith taking him as best friend. Many soldiers gave praise to Guts in years to come. Guts held true to his namesake as he never backed down for any reason or for any one even when he had to go up against the legendary immortal Nosferatu Zodd.

Judeau, Pippin, and Rickett became unofficial sidekicks as they urged Guts to interact with others. Soon many looked up to Guts as they did to Griffith. He also enjoyed bucking heads with Caska, the only female of the group. They had a love-hate relationship for the longest of time. Guts also began to idolize Griffith because of his determination to become a noble, a seemingly unreachable dream that Griffith managed to achieve. It was during a mass slaughter of men that Guts had an epiphany of his own life and had decided in the moment to find his own dream. Though after the group nearly disbanded Caska finally acknowledged Guts feelings for her. Guts began to center his actions around Caska and was briefly doing things to help her out as acting leader of the Hawks. He also realized the Band of the Hawks was what he truly desired as they brought a sense of family. It all changed upon finding Griffith.

Current times are set two years after Guts and Caska survived the massacre of the original Band of the Hawks. Guts became cold and unforgiving in nature. He cared little of bystanders and normally saves people on a whim and normally to use them if necessary during combat. Revenge rules his mind upon dawning the mantle of the Black Swordsman. Though all the rage, and madness he displays is a cover for the sorrow he feels from the betrayal of a friend, and lost of those he started to hold dear. Eventually after failing to kill the God Hand on a second encounter Guts refocussed his efforts to the mentally distraught Caska. Guts travels with her well being taking priority and allows an unorthodox crew travel with him to keep her safe when he cannot while caught in the midst of battle. Many believe Guts takes his punishment as being reckless. None realizing that Guts lets himself get injured so others don't have to. Guts rarely cares when people talk bad of him as none know what he has gone through in life. Guts is a struggler in the truth of all things. He has defied fate from the surviving his mother's death to being branded a sacrifice and meant to die. Guts lives bringing a situation of despair to that of a miracle with his determination and resolve to never give up.

Younger Years

Guts intiated into the world of mercenaries by Gambino

His name is Guts and he earned his name from the manner in which he was found. While still in his mother's womb, his mother was hung. He was born from his mother's corpse. Guts was then found by a woman named Shisu in the after-birth and decay of being born from a corpse. Shisu later on adopted him as her own. By the time he was three years old Shisu had died from the plague. With no role-model or parents to look up to, Guts turned to Shisu's husband, Gambino, for support. Gambino wanted nothing to do with the young boy, so he just put him to work. As a mercenary Guts was useless unless he could fight, so Gambino taught him to fight starting at the age of three. With no small swords around Guts had to fight with a sword much larger than he was. When he grew older, instead of growing into the sword, the sword grew as he grew. By the time he was a full grown adult he was swinging a 6 feet long, 1 1/2' wide sword that was not even sharp.

The Band of the Hawk

After Gambino was killed at the hands of Guts, he went on from battlefield to battlefield as a mercenary for a few years. He got his big break after killing Bozuso the thirty man killer. He was then forced to join the Band of the Hawk after losing a duel to Griffith the Hawk's commander (his first of only 2 battles that he has ever lost). Guts and Griffith grow to become equals though, and soon enough he became Griffith's right-hand man. Guts keeps his word in remaining with the Hawks but rarely acts like one. Guts likes to be overwhelmed by enemies and rarely anyone has a weapon that can match the broadswords he likes to use in combat. Guts remains forever reckless in each encounter relying on his wits,reflexes and sheer luck to prevail. Griffith always takes Guts nature into account when planning his strategies. Caska dislikes this trait of Guts as normally it leads to Griffith having to bail Guts out of trouble every now and again.

Nosferatu Zodd in his human form

During one confrontation nothing seems to be going right for Guts and the others. A single man seems to be keeping their forces at bay and it gets under Guts' skin. So defiant as ever he goes to see what is going on. Guts finds a very bizarre man known by Rickett as Nosferatu Zodd the immortal. Guts normally fearless is gripped by it for the first time since his youth. Guts faces Zodd and learns he is no mere human at all. Still Guts strove to hold his own. Griffith arrived in learning Guts ran in alone. Together they were able to deal seeming crucial damage to Zodd in severing an arm. Until the beast just put the arm but on. Griffith nearly got killed as Zodd decided to leave. He wanted Guts to grow stronger so he could enjoy a glorious battle later on down the road. Caska rushed to Griffith scolding Guts for letting it happen.

Guts ends up being Caska and Griffith in escorting members of the royal family. He is uneased as Caska still will not talk to him since the Nosferatu Zodd incident. Travesty strikes again with an assassin trying to kill Griffith. Luckily the White Hawk was saved by his Behelit, a luck charm always carried with him. Griffith later speaks with Guts to determine who was plotting is demise. Guts is requested to eliminate Duke Julius, General of the White Dragon Knights. Guts goes stealth for this task and cannot allow anyone to see his face as a commander in the Band of the Hawks. Guts slips in very easy to strike down the general in one blow. Unfortunately the general's son finds them. Guts reacts by instinct to kill the boy. He remains until the kid dies,mortified at what he has done. Guts is quick to flee as an attendant draws at the corner. Several guards are killed in Guts' escape before one manages to hit him with an arrow. Guts finds way into the sewers to rest and past out. He has a nightmare of Zodd and himself becoming a monster after killing the boy.

Guts resting after killing 100 soldiers

Guts seeks Griffith to let him know the results of his assignment. Caska stops Guts outside of a noble party. Guts overhears Griffith speaking to Charlotte about what friends mean to him. Guts is left standing in the shadows with Caska. Soon afterwards it is time for battle. Guts moves through the enemy to aid Caska who is confronted by the enemy commander Adon. Guts has no trouble in defeating the man but has to save an ill Caska. Guts is too late in pulling Caska from a cliffside and goes over with her. They survive with Guts taking the brunt of the damage. He tends to Caska until she wakes. Caska tries to kill him in a fit of confusion and is pinned by Guts. Caska calms and reminisces of a time before Guts came. She shares her opinion of Griffith, and jealousy of Guts. Both are alert as enemies are closing in on their location. Guts and Caska attempt to flee only to find Adon has hunted them down with 100 men. Guts keeps Caska from harm and allows an opening for her to escape. Guts remains taking on the mercenaries on his own. None can strike him down or do enough damage to slow the berserker. Guts fights through the entire night causing Adon to flee. Guts takes heavy injuries by the time he is done and sits to rest in a field of 100 dead corpses.

War's End

Guts survived his suicidal battle with Adon's mercenaries. This brought fame to Guts and also got him favor in the eyes of Caska, who he was initially protecting. Although Guts accomplished a seemingly impossible feat he still felt his deed was mediocre. Guts had been comparing himself to Griffith and now Caska as both had a strong attachment to their dreams that brought others that offered aid to reach that goal. Guts keeps it to himself but now wants to leave and find his own dream. Guts would not just up and depart like a bandit in the night. He decides to at least remain until the end of the 100 year war between Midland and Chude. He knew Griffith had the talent to do this.

It came to a point where Midland was at the disadvantage. The strongest legion of Chude remained undefeated. They were the Purple Rhino Knights led by General Boscne. Other commanding knights of Midland felt it now hopeless to advance any further. Griffith seized this opportunity and vowed he could prevail. The king favored Griffith and decided to put faith in him. During the final battle Guts leads the Hawk with Griffith and Caska. The enemy are aware of Guts as the legendary 100 manslayer and commander in the Band of the Hawks.

Unfortunately this also draws the attention of Boscne. Guts is excited in this clash. Boscne is the first man to give him a challenge in a long time since Griffith (Nosferatu Zodd is not a man but something far worst). All was going well until Guts sword broke in the middle of combat. It had lost durability after locking swords in killing the hundred men only weeks earlier. Fellow hawks rush to Guts aid despite his warning only to be slaughtered by the bloodthirsty Boscne. This was the opening needed by a dark figure atop a cliff. A familiar massive sword is thrown at Guts' feet. He doesn't hesitate to take it to arms. This weapon easily breaks Boscne's huge axe. Guts continues to decapitate Boscne and his horse. The Chude army basically surrendered as Caska had taken Doldrey Castle, the enemy stronghold from the rear by killing Adon. Guts goes to find Caska still recovering from a shot of poison by the treachery of Adon. They are both in admiration of Griffith as he kept good on his word and has ended the 100 year war.

Celebrations await the Band of the Hawks in returning to Wyndam Kingdom. Guts has even more fame in killing General Boscne, atop of the hundred men. Guts is forced out his usual attire and gets a lot of unwanted attention from nobles. Caska steals him away as she is in the same boat. Guts learns Caska shares his views and didn't feel comfortable unless having armor on her back and a sword in hand. Both overhear Griffith has been promoted and ordained commander of the White Phoenix Knights. Joys quickly turn to despair as Griffith's drink is poisoned. Guts ends up going stealth once again. He greets the one tasked to taint Griffith's drink. It turns out a pack of nobles sought Griffith's end from the beginning. Griffith was aware and had Guts alone in on the plan.

Now all was as it should be and Guts decided it was due time to leave. Caska was aware and rushed to stop him. Judeau, Pippin, and others also catch Guts. Corkus is the only one wanting Guts to be gone and vows to kill him if they meet later on down the road. During escorting Guts to leave Caska went to wake Griffith. Guts stood as Griffith refused to let go of a vital member of his crew and best friend. Guts revealed to all he had now far surpassed Griffith in terms of skill. Griffith was left in dismay on a snowy field. Guts left with Caska calling out to him for the first time.

Guts vs Griffith round two

Guts spends a few nights alone trying to get use to being on his own again. He had adjusted to having comrades to rely on for 3 years. Those memories are brought to a halt in face of the Skull Knight. Guts attempts to fight him but the foe is omnipresent in his movements. Guts stops as the armored foe appears out the darkness several feet away when he was just behind Guts. The Skull Knight warns Guts to be cautious of the coming eclipse as it will herald great travesty. The Skull Knight shares his belief only one such Guts will be able to survive the future and defy fate.

One Year Later

Time passes with Guts now a wandering swordsman. He seeks out the best to keep sharpening his skills. This brings Guts to an exhibition tournament where he intrudes upon to contestants. He decides to face a masked figure of the Kushan known only as Black Horse, the other is a poser that claimed to be the Crazy Killer, that killed 100 men (which Guts had accomplished) in the war of Midland vs Chuda. Guts displays great agility in evading the movements of Black Horse. The sponsor is amazed as Guts won in a single swing of the sword. He offers an job as a mercenary. Guts turns it down no longer walking that path. The sponsor is let down and hoped to get the reward for seizing the Band of the Hawk and its leader Caska. This draws Guts full attention as he learns Griffith was imprisoned and deemed a traitor of the country along with those who served under him.

Guts & Caska

Guts travels all day to the rumored location of his former comrades. He arrives in time to save Caska from Black Horse. Guts apparently took care of the other foes and the hawks rejoiced in the return of Guts. Caska has no words and leaves for her tent. Guts learns Griffith got very depressed around the time when Guts left. None are aware what Griffith did but all of Midland is out to kill the Band of the Hawks now. Judeau reveals plans to find and rescue Griffith before fully reforming their numbers. Guts tells of reaching new levels of might in his absence and is willing to help. Judeau pulled Guts aside to reveal Caska was once calling out for him in a dream. He decides to talk with her only to be attacked. Caska blamed it all on Guts. She tells that Griffith lost all composure the day Guts left. Guts lets himself be impaled and justifies his actions. Caska tries to kill herself and Guts saves her life again. This finally leads her to see that Guts cared for her in a way Griffith never did or would. Guts ends up revealing his own turmoils and why he is so distant from everyone. This draws Caska even closer as they have both shared secrets with one another.

Griffith's Rescue

Guts is with Caska in rallying the hawks for their first mission in a long time, to save Griffith. The majority of the force is left to secure the escape route. Guts teams with Caska, Judeau, Pippin, and Corkus. Guts discovers Princess Charlotte is the spy aiding the hawks with information to avoid capture and now to find Griffith. She leads the team to the Tower of Rebirth, constructed long ago to imprison pagans that worshiped satanic gods. Guts remains silent as Judeau and Caska debate over the princess coming any further. The princess declares she had come to be with Griffith and will progress on her own accord. She also became a burden and Guts had to carry her on his back the rest of the way. The princess started revealing the origin of Midland and the Tower of Rebirth. Guts discovers the identity of the Skull Knight as the first emperor some thousand years ago.

Skull Knight as Emperor Gaiseric

Soon Guts and the others reached the bottom of the tower. He found Griffith maimed on his cell floor. Griffith no longer resembled the man he was at all. Suddenly an inquisitor locks everyone inside with Griffith. He boasts on breaking the White Hawk month after month until he was silent. This ignited the berserker in Guts. He easily pierced through a 4 feet thick door killing Griffith's tormentor. Guts proceeded to climbing the tower and killing anyone in his way. Many tried to flee but an enemy commander ordered all to remain as it was a single man. He got killed with them all.Once outside the tower another force await with the withered king. Guts resumed to his berserker state killing at least forty men. Caska helps killing one guy. The king calls a halt in fear of Charlotte's welfare. Guts and others are allowed to retreat. The king sends for the Baakiraka, an abnormal gang with features resembling Black Horse.

Guts is now exhausted and tended to by Caska. Griffith watched in silence carried at Pippin's back. The Baakiraka catch up and ambush the group. Only they injure Charlotte which was not suppose to happen by any means. The Baakiraka claim only to want Charlotte and she is let go with her maid. They then resume their attack only to be defeated by Guts and the others in a team effort. A surviving female of the Baakiraka ignites a fire consuming all the sewers. Guts and the others escape as Pippin caved in the walls behind them. The team find shelter with a small family still loyal to the heroes of Midland. The agenda was now to regroup with the remaining hawks left in a forest escape route and return to their campsite. Unfortunately a day later the king dispatches his personal underhanded group, the Black Dog Knights.

These men quickly catch up to Guts and his crew. He and Caska see those that gave them shelter were dismembered and impaled on sticks for display as the Dog Knights rode. Guts remained to face them all but this time he wasn't alone as Pippin was at his side. The two began to slaughter but it wasn't like any other fight. Guts realized no matter how many guys he killed the enemy didn't waiver at all. Then came Wylad, leader of the Black Dog Knights. Guts and Pippin fight cautiously as Wylad blocks their blades with one hand. Luckily the two were a diversion from Caska setting an explosive trap at a bridge. Guts and Pippin retreated as the explosion separated them from the Black Dog Knights. Guts and the others watched Wylad easily clear through another trap in a valley. He alone knew that Wylad was no ordinary man and feared he may be like a person he met a year ago. Guts challenged Wylad knowing others would be killed if they were to act. After a long duel Guts bare witnessed as Wylad transformed into an ape-like beast. Guts struggled as he did with Zodd the Immortal. Guts takes brutal punishment but goes berserk once Wylad threatens Caska. Guts drives his sword into Wylad's neck and the monster falls.


Wylad vs Guts

Guts and the rescue team meet with comrades in the forest. All rested up before rejoining their reserve team at the campsite. Caska scolds Guts for being reckless as every even in facing something beyond explanation in Wylad and his demonic transformation. Guts also spends some time with the broken Griffith. He tries to reassure Griffith he will fight again one day. Wylad strikes again terrifying all but is near death. Wylad targeted Griffith this time and wanted him to use the Behelit charm to summon the God Hand. Guts is helpless with Wylad threatening to kill Griffith only to learn Griffith lost the Behelit. Guts is shocked when a larger monster shadowed Wylad. It is Zodd and he saves Griffith for unknown reasons to Guts. Zodd finishes Wylad off by breaking his back. Zodd addresses Guts of a coming eclipse and hopes he is prepared.

Guts is enraged as he got the same onimous warning from the Skull Knight earlier when he left the Band of the Hawks. This event leaves the mercenaries broken in spirits. Guts plans to leave again and take Caska with him. Though she feels unable to follow her desire as leader of the Hawks now. Guts learns the Hawks now see him as their symbol of hope. Many offer to leave Caska and Griffith feeling they could survive with Guts leading them. Guts finally realizes the feeling they gave him was what he was searching for all his life, the sense of brotherhood and a family. Guts tries once more to convince Caska to leave Griffith and let Judeau and others tend to him. Griffith acted on eavesdropping and built the strength to flee them all. Guts pursues him without a second thought leaving his sword and armor behind.

Soon Guts finds Griffith staring at the coming eclipse in the sky. Guts also tries to make sense of a vast legion nearing Griffith from the horizon. Many believe another faction of the Midland Army had been sent after them again. Only Guts knows it is something far worst.Guts reaches Griffith to discover the Behelit found way back into his hands but looked nothing like it did before. This is when the background changes and all of the Hawks find themselves in an alternate dimension of some sort. Guts with Griffith faces the Four Angels of the God Hand. They reveal Griffith is ordained to be the fifth and must sacrifice those he love to ascend. Guts is in dismay as Griffith submits to the God Hand and began his transformation into one of them. Guts is branded along with Caska and everyone else present at this horrid gathering of demons set to feed on human flesh in a grand feast.

Slan, Conrad, Ubrik, and Void of the God Hand

Guts alone has the might to fight off the monsters at every turn. He spends a great deal of time trying to find Caska, Judeau, and the others. Guts finds his favorite subordinate Gaston, but he dies before Guts eyes. He resumes to fight until finding Caska had been caught by the demons. Guts goes berserk killing all in his path until the demons focus on subduing him. The angel Slan takes strong interest in Guts for his fiery emotions. Guts and Caska are both tormented by Griffith upon emerging as the angel Femto. Before they are killed the Skull Knight breaks in the dimension to save Guts and Caska. Both are taken to Rickett that escaped the massacre of the reserve Hawks at the campsite. Guts and Caska are taken to Godo, where Guts spent his time training. He has many flashbacks of his time in the Hawks and how everyone was now gone.

Guts wakes to discover his right eye blinded and his left arm gone as he hacked it off while trying to escape demons to save Caska. Guts is frantic and ignored injuries to find Caska. He finds her and she is now emotionally scarred and suffered a mental breakdown. Guts is overwhelmed and flees her with grief and turmoil mixing inside of him. The Skull Knight comes and reveals Guts is now a branded soul. Demonic spirits came to posses Guts but he refuses to accept anything dealing with fate. Guts vows revenge on the God Hand which impresses the Skull Knight. Godo and Rickett decide to help Guts. Rickett devises a prosthetic arm that acts also as a cannon. Godo makes a number of swords but Guts finds way to Godo's prize Dragonslayer. Godo allows Guts to use the massive weapon no other man had been able to use in full. There was nothing that could be done for Guts lost eye, and he now uses the brand on his neck as an alert sense towards the demonic Apostles. This is the point where Guts decides to live on as the Black Swordsman, and travel the world killing Apostles until led to the God Hand and Femto aka Griffith.

Black Swordsman

The Black Swordsman

This point treads a little after the start of the manga. Guts has killed the demonic female apostle that ate Corkus. He ends up saving the life of Puck to get information of the local Apostle deciding to rule an unnamed town. Unfortunately Guts is caught and imprisoned to be tortured and questioned by the mayor. Guts had killed men serving the local Apostle and learned the mayor and others very fearful of him. Nightfell with the Snake Lord deciding to go on a rampage. Puck returns after abandoning Guts to free him. Guts made his way to the battle to find the Snake Lord killing innocents. Guts proceeded to kill those in service of the Apostle and fights the Snake Lord himself. He had the upper hand until the Snake Lord revealed his demonic form. Guts is thrashed around with the Snake Lord talking down to him as being a weak human. Guts uses his cannon to turn the tides and shows the Snake Lord who was really weak and leaves him begging for mercy.

Guts moves on as the night was young. Only to draw demonic spirits upon a grandfather and his granddaughter. Both were killed by the demons as they were in company of Guts, the living sacrifice. The brand on Guts' neck signifies him as a meal for all demons as per law of the God Hand. Guts has other plans as this brand also alerts him by bleeding whenever a demonic presence is near. So Guts only finds rest during the day as demonic spirits fade in the coming of daybreak. Guts ends up in a community during the execution of those being marked as pagan worshippers.

He finds the Count, another Apostle but had ruled over the people for a long period of time. Guts begins killing the Count's men but there are too many. He is aided to escape by a former advisor of the Count that wants revenge for having his legs chopped off and his family slain. This is also where Guts learns of the Behelits, devices to summon the God Hand. Griffith carried one around his neck for the longest of time. Guts ends up being attacked by Captain Zondark, a guy maimed by Guts in the earlier attack on the Count. This time Zondark has minor demonic properties bestowed to aid in exacting his revenge. Guts finds out the Count gave the captain some regenerative capabilities. Guts held off Zondark until the fool brought the entire hideaway upon himself. Somehow the advisor was caught and Puck begged Guts to save him. Guts didn't and got a visit from the Demon Fetus of Caska. It visited him before and seemed to be following him. Guts seems disturbed by this creature rather than killing it like he does every other demonic apparition. Guts ends up having demons try to takeover his body and has to force them out. Not long after that is when Zondark returns for more. This time Guts battles him in full to kill the deformed man once and for all.

Guts and Femto

Guts enters the domain of the Count to kill a lot of men before facing Geriko, second to Zondark but no demonic powers either. Guts kills him in a swing of the Dragonslayer. He advanced forth to face the Count at last. The Count wasted no time and transformed from the beginning revealing itself as the Apostle that killed Pippin. Guts actually has a tough time against the Count and is knocked out. Puck and Theresia, the Count's daughter, end up being essential to Guts' survival. Theresia never knew of her father's pact with the God Hand and his true form horrified her. Guts decided to use her as human shield showing how low he would sink to gain the advantage. The cannon was used once more and swing of the Dragonslayer sealed the deal. This is when the Count showed his fears in facing death. Guts once again began torturing the Apostle in his defenseless state. Unfortunately the Count noticed the Behelit that fell from Guts' person during combat and used it. Guts came face to face with Femto and the other God Hand once again. The brand on Guts neck sent tremendous pain that was suppose to immobilize all sacrifices in presence of the God Hand. Guts not only moved, he went in to attack but couldn't bare the pain when up closer to Femto. Guts was knocked out again and the God Hand went on to cox the Count into sacrificing his daughter to save his own life. Puck came to heal Guts as the Count finally decided he couldn't kill Theresia after reflecting on all that happened to him. Guts was nearly caught up in the whirlpool of demons taking the Count away upon his death. Guts failed to kill any of the God Hand and now they were gone to be anywhere in world.

Lost Children

Guts had failed to exact his revenge in facing Femto after two years of hunting and killing apostles. He continues his path which leads him to save a girl named Jill. Bandits had this girl captive in a forest area. Demonic spirits emerged to kill several bandits. Guts focused on the demons as the bandits fled. Jill was saved by Guts and Puck. She leads Guts to her dreary village. Guts finds Jill comes from a household with an abusive father, and delusional mother that ignores all things bad. Guts is ignored until people notice Puck at his side. The people see elves as evil creatures much to Puck's surprise. Guts is forced to withdraw with the people wanting Puck's hide. Jill follows after growing attached to Guts. She gets harsh treatment but Guts doesn't want anyone following him as he attracts demons due to his brand. Jill decides to come after Guts later in the morning. This is when the truth is revealed about the village. Jill shares how devilish elves were terrorizing everyone. It had been going on for some time and even before the Eclipse. The devil elves were supposedly from the fabled Misty Valley. People were mainly concerned at the devil elves took children with them in leaving every now and again. After Jill's story Guts is alerted by the pain of his brand. The devil elves were attacking again. Puck saw the creatures were more insect like. Guts resorts to using a kid as bait to get the devil elves to follow him to a barn. He proceeds to burn them and escapes to be confronted by Rosine, the Elf Apostle that sacrificed her parents to make her delusional dreams a reality. She is later revealed as Jill's childhood friend.

Rosine, queen of the Pirkaf

Roshinu (Rosine in English adaption) calls the devil elves Pirkaf. Puck realizes the Pirkaf aren't elves at all but children mutated by Roshinu. Guts has a hard time as Roshinu is able to fly very fast. She leaves Guts injured and leaves. This is when Guts finds the Pirkaf he killed reverted back to their child forms upon death in the barn. People are set to capture Guts. Only he takes Jill hostage to make his retreat. He releases the girl once far enough from the village. Jill wants to tag along but Guts shares more harsh words. He also shares a piece of mind with Puck who he wants to crush at times. Guts is haunted by demons in the form of children at nightfall. The demons constantly try to play as the souls of children. Guts doesn't fall for it and mercilessly keeps slaughtering them all. Jill and Puck find Guts fighting the spirits off in the darkness. Guts is brought out a berserk phase as Jill drew near and was nearly struck by his sword. Guts saves Jill by leaping from a cliff. He is forced to rely on Puck to heal him once again. Jill also shares the origin of Roshinu's obsession with the fairy tale of the Pirkaf. Jill believed her friend found Misty Valley and gained the power of the Fairies. Guts told the harsh truth of Roshinu's ascension by using the Behelit and sacrifice of her parents. Guts leaves Jill to go find Roshinu and take care of her. Puck remains to console Jill after another wholesome moment with the crude antihero. Roshinu came from the sky with her Pirkafs to find Jill. Despite all Guts told Jill the girl shows no fear of her old friend. Roshinu seems genuinely friendly and even shows her human face. She claims her desire to bring Jill to Misty Valley and join her.

Guts returns aiming for Roshinu with Jill in her arms. Once again Guts cant lay his sword upon Roshinu. The apostle retreats with Jill and her Pirkaf. Puck is detested as now Guts considers Jill a future casualty. While Roshinu spends her time trying to convince Jill to become a Pirkaf and forget her crush on Guts. The Black Swordsman makes way to Misty Valley. He finds the bandits that took Jill now insect like servants to Roshinu. Guts begins to kill them with more insect demons emerging to face him. Puck ends up pursuing Roshinu and heads to Misty Valley by air. He tries to figure out why Guts acts the way he does along the way. Matters grow worst as the Holy Chain Knights have arrived and are hunting for the Black Swordsman.

Jill's father meets Farnese, appointed leader of the brigade of knights. She has two skilled subordinates under her banner Serpico the Herald and Azan. They come for Guts has rumors have him as the source of much devastation across the land. Many are fearful of Guts has hundreds are left dead in his quest to kill apostles. Farnese believes capturing Guts will return a sense of order back to Midland. Puck ends up in Misty Valley where he tries to befriend the Pirkaf. He finds Jill after Roshinu has left her. Jill is now considering Roshinu's offer. She tells of her life of constant dread. Jill tells of constant fear of her father's two friends that are always over at all times of the night. She was being seduced by Misty Valley. The Pirkaf seemed playful and harmless in their surroundings. Puck showed her the truth as the Pirkaf were insane and killing each other for fun. The pair retreated to find Roshinu's lair and the place where children became Pirkaf. Roshinu continued to sway Jill until Puck intervened. The apostle realized Puck was an intruder.

At that moment Guts came destroying the cocoons holding the mutated children. The Pirkaf are sent after Guts in full force. He goes into the fire leading the Pirkaf inside. The third encounter with Roshinu is different with the cocoons and fire limiting her speed of flight. Roshinu finally shows her true demonic form. Guts lets her impale him to get up close to kill her. Roshinu finds Jill amidst the flames and wants her to die with her. Guts emerges to finish her off with his Dragonslayer impaling the apostle. This revealed Roshinu had consumed some of the children as their corpses spilled out her impaled body. Despite the severe injuries Roshinu still breathed though crippled. Jill was able to make Roshinu believe that Puck was a true elf. They shared a heartfelt moment as Roshinu saw elves were not just a fairy tale. Guts came in his berserk mode set to slaughter the girl. He came out of it after being struck by an arrow from Jill's father. The Holy Chain Knights arrived only to see him drawing his sword upon Jill and a childlike Roshinu near death. Guts is forced to retreat. Jill's fathers tries to make her return but she is intent to be with Guts. She finds him with the aid of Puck. Only Guts decides to show her the world he lives in. Jill finally sees demons are constantly after Guts to no end. The Skull Knight emerges in the aftermath to consume the Behelit dropped by Roshinu.


Torture not working

Guts was battered and bruised after his battle with Roshinu. The night after the battle he faced the Holy Chain Knights once Jill was left behind. They were able to capture the exhausted target but not without a few casualties. Guts was imprisoned and interrogated by the leader of the knights, Farnese. She among others across the land saw Guts aka the Black Swordsman as the prime source of the increase of evil. He tried to shed the truth to the delusional and sadistic Farnese but seemingly failed on the surface. Guts was tortured and lashed by the woman. Nothing Farnese did seemed to phase Guts in the slightest. Guts knew his brand would attract demonic spirits in the night and could bide his time. Luckily Puck decided to help after making Guts realize who was always saving him. Guts got his equipment just in time for the demonic spirits to arrive. Guts takes Farnese hostage and flees the camping site of the knights. Guts ends up having to protect the fear struck leader from possessed dogs. He slaughters them all with ease. Guts revealed the demons were the so called angels Farnese and everyone else was truly worshipping.

Serpico the brother of Farnese came to save her at mornings dawn. He witnessed the demonic spirits and figured Guts protected and hurt his sister at the same time by breaking her faith and confidence in all she held as true. Guts was able to leave and continue hunting apostles. Sometime later he ends up having a nightmare that may have been induce by the demonic fetus that awaited him upon waking. The dream was about Caska and Guts felt it was time to go check on her after two years. Guts' fears were no dream and Caska was gone from Godo's mine. Erika reveals Caska wandered off because she was tired of being alone most the time. Guts took time to reflect on all that happened while having his armor upgraded. He gained a slightly new resolve which was to find and protect Caska the one thing precious to him that he had yet to fully lose.

You're not getting the sword, kid

Guts new venture led him to encounter the wayward youth Isidro. He ends up saving the boy from an expedition team of the Kushan Army. Guts feat of skill impressed Isidro who left home to become a great swordmaster. So the boy trails Guts planning to steal the Dragonslayer but had nowhere near enough strength to budge it. Guts was asleep but woke upon the arrival demons. Isidro got pulled in the middle of the supernatural and pulled off as Guts retreated. This lead Guts to facing the Skull Knight once again with information hinting towards another Eclipse. Guts learns of Albion and a gathering of evil as well. He arrived in the outskirts of Albion borders to encounter the Holy Chain Knights and their hunt for heretics. Guts spends a lot of time killing random knights until finding a breeding ground of demons in a cavern where Caska had been taken. Guts arrived at the last second to rescued Caska from an apostle.

Farnese and her men arrived claiming the demonic being nothing but mere heretics. Guts dealt with the apostle and left the knights to fight the demons. Guts led way to a secret escape route to encounter Serpico, Farnese's brother intent to stop the Black Swordsman on his own, he failed. Guts dealt with Serpico who used his swiftness to elude certain death. He returned to the others learning Caska slipped away from Isidro. None were aware Caska had been captured by the Holy Chain Knights. This led Guts to ultimately head for the Tower of Conviction where the machoist priest Mozgus held Caska among many others for torture to repent their sins. Guts ends up fighting the Pseudo Apostles created by the Nameless Apostles resembling a Behelit.

Mozgus as well underwent a transformation to resemble an angel. All the while demonic apparitions were forming beneath the tower. Guts managed to beat the Pseudo Apostles with Mozgus absent with Caska his prisoner. Guts emerged from within the tower to see a massive sacrificial brand in the dark clouds above. The collapsed tower itself resembled the massive pedestal of the Godhand. Chaos broke out with many people fearful of the events occurring and Caska blamed as a witch. Guts found himself racing once again to find Caska when surrounded by enemies. She was found set to be burned at the stake. Luckily Guts was not alone this time and Isidro came through to pull Caska from the fire since he had let her escape. Mozgus was enraged and this lead to the full transformation into an apostle. Guts battled Mozgus with a body covered in maelstrom scales. Guts realized not all of Mozgus body was invincible and pierced through a soft spot below the neck to kill him. The priest was dead but the maelstrom of demons was still growing about Albion. Guts and his allies made to the highest point of the dilapidated tower.

Death of Mozgus

Hundreds of people were caught in a flood of madness. All leading to a silence that came with a light breaking through the engulfing darkness. Guts had survived again with Caska and their new friends. Only to find Kushan forces all around them. Guts fought his hardest until another force broke into the ranks of the Kushan. Zodd Nosferatu had come along with the Skull Knight. Guts along with all on the battlefield came to a halt. The light that shined in the aftermath of the second Eclipse was that in resurrection of Griffith.

Millennium Falcon

Return of the White Hawk

Griffith has been resurrected into his physical form where as he had been a corpeal being that was Femto. Guts fought the Kushan forces with Caska at his side in attempts to reach Griffith. Unfortunately Zodd had deemed Griffith one true master. Griffith took flight upon Zodd to leave the battleground. Guts escapes the Kushan after slaughtering hundreds. He decided to return to Godo's Cabin to visit Erika and Rickett. Godo had passed on died after Guts' last visit. Erika suggests for Guts and Caska to settle down at the cabin. Guts gave it a slight thought before realizing that Griffith was back within his reach now. It bothered Guts that he didn't kill Griffith the moment he saw him. This is when Erika reveals another old friend had recently come to visit Rickett. Guts found Griffith upon the Cemetery of Swords. Guts' assault is surprising halted by Rickett. Griffith began talking to Guts as if the Eclipse event never happened. Guts resumed his attack but this time Zodd interfered. Both are surprised to see one another. Zodd thought for sure that Guts would have died in coming of the God Hand. Guts was able to fight Zodd on equal grounds in his human form this time. It gets to the point that Zodd's weapon begins to crack. It was unable to measure of to the demonic properties of the Dragonslayer. So Zodd decided to transform and unleash his true might. Guts still holds his own as Zodd ends up destroying Godo's mine. Matters grew worst as Caska drew upon Guts and Zodd during battle. Guts is left stunned with Caska saved and appealing to Griffith. Zodd is called off by Griffith to prepare to continue plans to become ruler of Midland. Guts ends up telling Rickett everything that happened to their comrades. He refuses to let Rickett follow his path of revenge. Puck brings up Guts can't take Caska along on a path of revenge. It is revealed two branded soul will always drawn the demonic forces and in greater numbers than when Guts was alone. Pucks offers to take Guts and Caska to his homeland of Elfheim.

Guts begins a new path with Caska and Puck. He travels through harsh conditions to encounter demonic snowmen. Along the way Guts reflects on the way Caska used to be in the Band of the Hawk.This is also when Guts becomes aware of his own inner demon that resembles a shadow-like wolf. The demon wolf wants Guts to continue his pursuit of Griffith. It believes Caska is a burden and getting in the way of Guts' true desire of revenge. The demon wolf plays on the idea of making Caska a sacrifice. This is where Guts begins to resist the creature. Guts woke to find an incubus (a demon that feeds on dreams) was affecting his mental state while he slept. Other incubi were also around Caska and Puck as they slept. Guts resumed travelling as more and more demonic spirits gathered. He becomes possessed in protecting Caska. While Guts is taken over he begins to choke the fragile minded Caska that saw him as her protector. Guts uses all his willpower to force three demonic spirits out his body. The damage was still done as Caska wanted Guts nowhere near her now. Guts must restrain Caska and makes her follow him from now on. They find a place to rest which proves to be a mistake. Puck wakes Guts to reveal Caska had gotten free of her bonds. Guts is frantic unaware where Caska could be. He didn't realize how hard it would be to take care of Caska. He finds Caska over the corpses of men that tried to rape her. Guts tries to subdue Caska again and forces her to the ground.This time the demon wolf took control of Gut's mind. He comes back to his senses. Guts had bitten Caska in his lapse in sanity. He realized the demon wolf wasn't just an apparition brought on by the demons around him. There was something else inside of him that he had no control over.

Flora the Forest Witch

Coincidence would untie Guts with Isidro, Farnese, and Serpico. The trio find Guts in a rare moment of rest. Farnese had been seeking Guts to find ultimate truth and how she should live her life. Isidro was also looking for Guts to be his mentor to become a master swordsman. Serpico was just ensuring the safety of his sister Farnese. Guts decides to let the trio follow him if it was truly their wish. Guts informs them all of his burden that demons are attracted to him and Caska. He mainly wants others around to protect Caska when he is preoccupied.

They all proceed looking for means to travel across the sea. Guts trains Isidro in spare time. Farnese takes the role of caring for Caska. Serpico proves a decent partner and facing possessed creatures. Puck is the comedic relief and healer of the group. Everyone comes meet a traveler directing Guts and crew to the Ancient Highway to proceed without human interactions. Guts learns the king of midland died and that Princess Charlotte had gone missing over the years. There was now an army of Allied Nations bound to force back in the invading Kushan forces. The traveller also warns Guts and company to expect trolls along the Ancient Highway. Guts gives Isidro a hard time along the way. The boy decides to leave and resumes to living on his own. Guts and Serpico are chatting when Caska and Farnese are abducted by a troll. Isidro witnesses this and gives pursuit. Guts commends Isidro in his return for saving Caska and Farnese with the help of some witch. Guts feels withdrawn as others were protecting Caska while he only seemed to cause her harm. He ends up at the abode of the witch that has been dealing with the trolls. Before Guts can approach the structure he is attacked by golems. The fight becomes tedious as the golems regenerate. Guts fights unaware he and the others are being monitored by a young witch. Guts and crew meet Schierke as she finally introduces herself. She brings Guts to meet Flora her mistress who was expecting Guts. He is disturbed as Flora knows that he and Caska are branded ones without telling her. Guts is given insight on the world beyond that which he knew all to well. He is also asked by Flora to aid Schierke deal with the unnatural creatures rising about her the forest. Flora offers to give Guts and Caska a seal to limit the amount of demons they draw upon them. This sparks Guts interest.

Enoch Village and the Trolls

Guts against the trolls and the ogre

Schierke appeals the seal on Guts and Caska. Everyone gains new equipment to battle spirits and demons. Guts is the only one that doesn't accept upgrades. He feels the Dragonslayer was good enough to get the job done. Guts and his crew leave the enchanted forest with all their wounds healed. Everyone reaches Enoch Village to surprise the people. Nobody thinks Guts and the band of children can make a difference. Guts is annoyed that people think him a servant to a band of entertainers. Despite the ridicule from the adults Guts knows what is coming and plans to deal with the trolls. He inspects the town with Schierke to find out where the people will gather for safety.

Guts and his crew take the offensive. The people are amazed as Guts is able to kill dozens in a swing of his sword. Serpico is amazed as well and realized Guts didn't need magic like everyone else. Guts realizes that Caska is nowhere around. He wants everyone to leave the trolls to him. Guts wants Serpico, and Isidro to protect Caska and the people gathered at a cathedral. Guts slaughters many trolls until Schierke casts a spell lethal to the trolls. Matters grow worst as a bizarre ogre monster comes to Enoch. It targets the cathedral and gains Guts' full attention. Guts begins to slash into the ogre. The monster reveals having the ability to reattach severed limbs. Guts decides a change of tactics was needed. Before he was able to try something new. Guts is attacked by a creature Schierke identifies as a Kelpie. Guts asks why the seal against demons wasn't working. Schierke explains the creatures they were fighting are monsters and not demons. Serpico returns offering to face the Kelpie as Guts takes on the ogre. Guts is caught off guard as the ogre decides to resume his attack. Once Schierke finishes powerful water spell Enoch is flooded. Guts gains enough height to decapitated the ogre. The monsters were dealt with but Schierke had trouble stopping the flooding spell. Farnese and Caska ended getting washed away from Enoch along with the trolls.


Guts gathers the others to leave Enoch to search for Caska and Farnese. Schierke tries to use telepathy to contact the women but is unable to. Guts is warned by the young witch of entering the border realm of Qliphoth. Schierke explains the Qliphoth and trolls could have only emerge due to great configuration of the world. Guts knows it must be due to Griffith regaining a physical form. The group proceed to find Caska and Farnese surrounded. Guts comes to their rescue. He finds women and the children had also been prisoners of the trolls. Guts wants everyone to leave while he handles the enraged trolls.

Guts realizes for once in a long time that he is alone against the enemy. He unleashes his full wrath knowing that Caska was safe with the others. The trolls are all finally killed and Guts was ready to leave. He is stopped by his brand's sensation being invoked. Guts also notices the behelit he carries face was forming. This was a sign that the God Hand was coming. Guts is horrified as inyards and remains of trolls merge together. He finds Slan is the one that has come before him. She reveals her interest in Guts and wanted to see him again. She was in love with fear and pain within Guts. Guts is badly injured as Slan imbeds a deep wound across his chest. The Skull Knight arrives to slaughter monsters being summoned by Slan. Guts takes advantage of the distraction and wills himself to move. Guts uses his cannon to blast a hole into Slan. This only brings the female joy. Guts impales Slan next and she gives him a kiss for giving her so much pleasure. Slan leaves promising to come to Guts once again. The Skull Knight reveals his Sword of Resonance and creates a vortex that swallows all created within the Qliphoth.

Armor of the Berserker

Skull Knight's old armor

Guts returns to Caska and the others. He finds Caska was safe thanks to the obscure band of people that have come to follow him. Guts finally realizes he has regained what was once lost. He has new comrades to replace Judeau, Pippin and all the original Band of the Hawk. Guts and his new official comrades return to the enchanted forest to find Flora's house engulfed in flames. Guts begins to fight to notice the Skull Knight is still around. Guts finds out that Flora has a relationship with the Skull Knight like he will have with Schierke. Guts demands to know who the demons were sent by. Zodd emerges to reveal his true form which Guts already knows. Griffith ordered the demise of Flora and saw her as a future threat.

Guts prepares to fight Zodd but faces Grunbeld who has desired to exchange blows with the black swordsman. Guts fights a losing battle due to a heavy wound inflicted upon him by Slan. Guts is saved from Grunbeld by Flora's loyal golems. Serpico and the others get Guts to a secret chamber. There he is equipped with the armor of the berserk. The armor would allow Guts to fight with more inhuman might and ignore all pain. The draw back would be not being able to distinguish friend from foe. Guts becomes an unstoppable being and slaughters dozens of demons. He makes way to Grunbeld and forces the apostle to reveal his dragon form. The battle goes on with Guts breaking many bones in the process. Schierke dives into the spirit world to recover Guts' soul to stop his fighting. Flora uses the last of her power to draw a line between Guts and the demons. Guts is forced to retreat as he is barely able to move now. He travels with everyone along a coastline planning to set out to sea.

The Skull Knight finds Guts and Schierke late in the night. He informs Guts about using the armor constantly will cost Guts his humanity. Skull Knight wants Guts to think about what was more important revenge on Griffith or his love for Caska. Guts decides that Caska was more important and desires to find help for her condition. Puck reveals the Elf King may be able to help. Guts is suddenly agitated as Caska was revealed missing. He finds her with a mysterious boy found by the sea. Caska is attached to the boy who has his eyes set on Guts. He realizes the only other thing Caska so much while in her condition was the demonic fetus of the unborn child. Guts wonders if the boy was his son. All are disturbed by demonic alligators that are being controlled by three sages. Guts endures his fresh injures to slaughter them all with the help of Serpico and Isidro. He ends facing the monstrous cluthu like demon and is forced to use his armor to slay the monster. Once the battle is over Guts and others find Caska frantic. They notice the mysterious boy was gone just as fast as he appeared. Guts joins the others in nearing the homeland of Farnese and Serpico in Vritanis.

Kushan Empire

Guts finds another war on the rise against the Kushan Empire upon reaching Vritanis. He spends the first day keeping an eye on Schierke and Isidro as they explore the city. He is finally able to rest at an inn with Flora's crest masking his presence from demons for the time being. Guts' rest comes to an end after Serpico returns to inform the party Farnese wouldn't continue on with them. Guts accompanies Isidro and Schierke as they want to try and convince Farnese to come back.

They find that Serpico wants Farnese to remain in Vritanis and challenges Guts to a fight. He attempts to use the hall of Forest Pillars to prevent usage of Guts' monstrous DragonSlayer. Guts adapts to Serpico's tactics and dominates over him. Guts then warns everyone that demons were drawing upon the city. Guts and others kill a moderate force of demonic tigers. He then bares witness to the leader of the Kushan Empire, Emperor Ganishka who appears in his corporeal mist form. This is also where Guts meets a new addition to his group Roderick, the fiance of Farnese who has a warship under his name. Upon leaving Guts is slightly annoyed once again by Owen a knight of Midland that remembered him. Guts cuts their conversation short once Owen brings up desire to find Griffith. Guts seems to do everything to keep his new friends from discovering he was once in the Band of the Hawk. He proceeds to lead the advance against an army of demons trying to prevent the group from reaching Roderick's ship. Guts nearly lets the Hell Hound inside go berserk but Schierke quickly uses a powerful spell to clear out all the demons.

A second cthulhu monster emerges and Guts is forced to use his armor. He slaughters the monster only to face Dhaiva, the sorcerer of the Kushan Empire that was leading the assault on Vritanis. Once again Schierke keeps Guts from being swallowed by his own hatred. Dhaiva is forced to summon a water spirit called Kundalini. Guts unties his might with Schierke's magic to destroy the Kundalini. Dhaiva attempts to retreat only to be injured by Ganishka for his failure. Ganishka proceeds to hurl down bolts of lighting in attempts to kill Guts. Serpico steps in to aid Guts this time. Guts cleverly uses his sword as a lightning rod so that Ganishka can no longer hit him. Guts learns that Ganisha is an enemy of Griffith when Zodd emerges and kills demons of the Kushan Empire. Guts finds Zodd is unable to do any harm to Ganishka in his corporeal form. Guts and Zodd temporarily call a truce to be rid of a mutual enemy. They team up and use Gut's DragonSlayer to inflict pain to Ganishka due to the sword being used to cut down many demonic spirits over the years.

Guts and Zodd slicing through Ganishka

Guts is left battered and bruised after the final attack on Ganishka that managed to drive the apostle back to his physical form. Zodd decides not to finish Guts off as his mission was against the Kushan Empire.

Sea Battle

Guts killing the sea monster

Guts awakens on Roderick's ship in route to find the legendary island of Skellig where the kingdom of Elfhelm lies and where Casca may be healed by the Habafuku King. Schierke reappears a new crest upon Guts as the other one was burned off from multiple lightning strikes from Ganishka. Guts also begins to feel the effects of the armor. He has lost his sense of taste and a slight moment of blindness overcame him. In this lapse of thought Casca ended up falling overboard. Guts rushed to her aid but extended his fake hand. He still manages to rescue Casca from the water but is annoyed that he forgot his gauntlet wasn't meant to save lives but kill enemies. This sense of peace doesn't last long as Isidro's nemesis emerges, Captain Sharkrider. Luckily Guts is able to sit this one out. Roderick handles the matter and destroys most the pirates ships. Guts ends up being overwhelmed by the beast within. He spends hours passed out and dealing with his swirling hatred. Everyone is relieved when he finally awakens.

Guts' Arsenal


Guts standing next to the Dragonslayer

The primary and most well known weapon for Guts is the zweihander Dragon Slayer. Godo, the blacksmith that housed Guts in his separation from the original Hawks forged the sword. It was meant to kill a dragon in the north that was likely Grunbeld in his apostle form. Godo's prize sword would fall into the shadows of time since no average man could wield in use of combat. The weapon fit Guts perfectly since using oversized broadswords and zweihanders was his specialty. Guts would go on to begin hunting and killing demons and apostles with the Dragonslayer. Along the way the Dragonslayer became more than just a huge slab of iron. Supposedly it now exist between the physical and astral realms from contact with so many demonic spirits slain by Guts.

The Brand

Brand of Sacrifice

There is also Guts' sacrificial brand which Caska shares. It was given to every member of the original band of the hawk during the great eclipse invoked by Griffith. Guts has come to use the brand as a sixth sense in a way. The closer a demon is the more pain Guts feels from the brand. Although the stronger the demon the more pain he endures. So in facing demons as the big five of the God Hand Guts is nearly immobilized.

Berserker Armor

Guts' inner beast takes shape

The Berserker Armor is an mystical suit of armor that allows the wearer to run on pure and raw instinct to boost their fighting potential. Guts has been shown to ignore all forms of injury with this armor. He sustained broken bones prior to dawning it the first time and even had his right arm mangled but popped in back in place and kept fighting. The drawback is obvious no self control. Guts has little to no control over himself when using the armor in full. Only Schierke the witch is able to pull his consciousness from the depths of his own maddening inner world. The Berserker Armor also seems to fuel the inner beast that Guts has been struggling to suppress since he was temporarily possessed by demons.

Other Minor Weapons

Guts and his mechanical arm

Guts has also been seen to utilize a repeating crossbow from time to time when he is alone in battle. He has throwing knives displayed going diagonally across the front of his armor. The arm cannon is one his more powerful weapons that can blow a hole through most Apostles at close range. He has no qualms with killing his enemies with anything at hand including his bare hands.


Guts seems to be an amalgam of legendary fictional characters like Ash from Evil Dead in cutting off his own hand and sharing Mad Max's post apocalyptic personality. Guts shares his likeness and personality with Victor Freeman another character created by Kentaro Miura in Blaster Knuckle in 1992. They both fight demons in a realistic setting where few people believe in them. Victor uses his Blaster Knuckle the same way Guts uses his Arm Cannon to deal heavy damage to demons. Guts has trust issues with his rape as a child and almost every friend he has ever had betraying him. He also dislikes being touched due to this.

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