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The Guthrie family is famous for having many children who became X-man, such as the mutants Cannonball of the New Mutants, Husk of Generation X and Icarus of the New X-men squad.

Alternate Realities

Earth 295: Age of apocalypse

Guthrie Family Reunited

The family was found by Mr. Sinister. Sinister offered them a membership to his Mutant Elite Force. Sam and Elizabeth agreed but Paige refused. She rather joined the X-men's junior team, Generation Next. Paige went with Generation Next to the Seattle Core, where they were beaten and almost everyone died. Paige survived and was incarcerated on the core, but the X-Men didn´t look for her. After a year of Apocalypse´s fall, Paige was rescued by her sibblings (Elizabeth, Sammuel and Icarus), under Sinister´s orders and accepted to destroy the X-Men in revenge for leaving her. She disguised as Xorn and infiltrated on the team, waiting for the opportunity to defeat Rogue and kidnap Charles. At the end they three were killed by the X-Men.

The ruins of Guthrie Family´s farm was used as one of X-men´s headquarters.

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