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Gustav is quadriplegic and uses a wheelchair due to a car accident. In this car accident Gustav was drunk and hit against a school bus killing eight innocent children. He is the owner of Gustav Petroleum, this company made him rich, powerful and arrogant and after losing his mobility and confined to a wheelchair, he grows ever increasingly bitter and foul tempered. Turning to the occult, he uses his vast sums of money and power to dabbling in the dark arts as well as satanic rituals and readings. Erratic mood swings cause him to act irrationally such as when he fired the Gustav Petroleum board members, and in doing so insulting them and threatening them as they leave the building. Gustav's goal is to bring to Earth a might demonic being known as Kazann. He has employed Jemima Catmint to do many of the tasks that are too difficult for him to do himself given his limited mobility. After building a monstrous flesh body for Kazaan to inhabit by sacrificing several ex employees, Gustav continues his dedication to his new master Kazaan, but using his companies drilling technology to help bore a hole into the Earth, using a special drill with satanic and demonic sigils and runes carved into them. This special drill was designed to unleash Kazaan's demon minions on to Earth in order to serve Kazaan. However the arrival of the Ghost Rider, the archangel Ruth, the demon sniper rifle specialist Father Adam, and demon tracker scout Hoss bring about a series of battles and confrontations that ultimately leaves Gustav's assistant Jemima Catmint pushing him off a high edge, sending Gustav to his death and literal hell.      


Earl Gustav is a Marvel comics character, created by writer Garth Ennis and artist Clayton Crain. for use in Ghost Rider: Road to Damnation #2 released in 2005.  

Powers and Abilities

Gustav has no significant powers of his own, and even physically is unhealthily overweight and immobile. After crippling himself after a night of drink driving he had lost the use of his lower body. He is however extremely rich, and utilizes a technologically advanced wheelchair to compensate for his lack of immobility. Gustav also employed the services of hired mercenaries. He was peculiar about his recruitment only wanting the most ruthless, unquestioning and brutal men. He had acquired a battalion of five hundred veteran soldiers.  

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