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The Story so Far
Rally Vincent and Minnie-May Hopkins may earn a living as gun-shop owner, but they do their real work as bounty hunters! While helping Rally track Bean Bandit on a new job to find Jim Macks, Misty took matters into her own hands, stealing his souped-up sports car - and breaking the code of the underground. The bad guys grabbed Misty when they found her in Bean's car. Too bad for Misty! Naked and nervous in the crime family's car; now she's got to deal with Macks, Bean's client, who's apparently been kidnapped by the crime family as well… and he's a horny bugger! It's up to Rally and Bean to use what few resources they have left to free Misty and Macks in this muddle mess!


Rally's walked right into a trap, a gauntlet of bombs that would do her partner Minnie-May proud -- which means only Bean Bandit can pull their pal Misty out of the clutches of the counterfeit gang and get his hands on Jim Macks. But that's
easier said than done -- because while our heroes and the gang members have been shooting it out, Macks has hit the high road in a stolen van! Next month prepare yourself for the final, roller-coaster-ride chapter of the ultimate Gunsmith Cats story!

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