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Spawn was searching for answers when he found his ancestors journal and found out that his great-great-grandfather was a Buffalo Soldier and that he had crossed paths with another Hellspawn of that era, The Gunslinger Spawn of the West.

Jeremy Winston lived in the town of Bane. The wealthy business man of the town named Ed Kemper wanted to take Jeremy's land from him. This action led to him killing Jeremy's family and having him framed for the murders. He was hanged for the crime without a trial, but Mammon came to see him and promised to give him the power he needed to get vengeance and waited till he was close to death to see if he would make the choice or change his mind. Winston was turned into a Hellspawn and killed every man, woman and child in the town, but Mammon told him to leave Al's ancestor alone and Winston felt that he was innocent. When his job was done he descended to hell.

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