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Little is known aboout the villain known as Gunshot. He rarely talks, and a bullet from his battlesuit can be a real conversation killer. He first appeared on the super hero scene as one of the New Extremists, a team assembled by the extra dimensional being Dreamslayer. Gunshot and his teammates; Brute, Cloudburst, Death Angel and Meanstreak tried and failed to rout the JLA. 
A second opportunity presented itself when Dreamslayer used the energies of a machine to usurp the powers of the omnipotent Overmaster. Dreamslayer called the New Extremists to his side but again tasted defeat. The Overmaster then dispensed with Dreamslayer and dealt with the New Extremists directly, pulling them into his massive new Cadre. Since the Cadre's defeat, Gunshot has kept a low profile.

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