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Gumbo McCready was a low-down, amoral thug, who led a bunch of similar-minded men simply by virtue of being more vicious than they. The McCready gang stole and killed and tortured their way across Texas until the came to the little flyspeck town of Ratwater. The wouldn't have stopped there normally, but a great series of blizzards forced them to change their path.

In that town, McCready met a dark and dangerous man - a man who had fought with the Confederacy and gained a reputation for brutality in an already brutal war. The man humiliated McCready and killed one of his men. And for that, McCready would eventually have revenge.

On his way out of Ratwater, McCready came across some Mexican traders and slaughtered them. He took their food and their scalps - it looked enough like Apache hair to collect the bounty. The man they'd met in Ratwater happened upon them, though, and shot most of his gang in the ensuing gunfight. McCready shot the man's horse and left him to die in the blizzard.

Two weeks later, McCready was the king of Ratwater. He'd built a new gang out of whoever was stupid enough to join him, and was, frankly , starting to get bored.

Then the man he thought was dead came back, guns blazing and sword shining. His wife and daughter had died because he had been delayed, and he had been delayed because of McCready.

He shot his way through the gang, killing them and cutting them down. But McCready took a hostage, a pretty young woman, thinking it would stop the old soldier from shooting at him. It did not. The girl died instantly, and the man had McCready dead to rights.

Then the hammer of his gun fell on an empty chamber. That was all the time McCready needed to catch him off his guard, knock him to the ground and put the blade of a shovel through his ribs. This time, McCready was certain he was dead.

He was right, but the story certainly wasn't over.

He sat in Ratwater, his wounds festering and slowly dying. He tried to form another gang, but the only people left were either too old, too young, infirm or women. It was only a matter of time before infection or alcohol would have killed McCready. But Saint Of Killers got to him first.

The man he had killed had gone to Hell with his anger intact, and had been remade. The Saint came back from the dead to take his revenge on McCready and everyone else in Ratwater. Nothing could harm him, and nothing could stop him. In the end, McCready, and all the citizens of Ratwater, died to the thunder of his guns.

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