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It is assumed that Guilty is a Saint, but it is uncertain because he is never seen wearing a Cloth.  He resides on Death Queen Island.  According to Esmeralda (who is his daughter in the anime), he was a kind and honorable man before his trip to Sanctuary to meet with Pope Ares.  He was controlled by the Pope's Demon Emperor Fist, and became a completely different person.   
He trained Phoenix Ikki through ruthless sparring, determined to make Ikki more powerful by bringing out his rage.  During one of these sessions, Guilty accidentally struck Esmeralda, killing her.  He felt no remorse or shame for his actions, and even rejoiced at seeing the pain and anger Ikki felt.  This finally pushed Ikki over the edge, and without his conscience to hold him back, he easily defeated Guilty.  Upon his death, Guilty left the Phoenix Cloth and leadership of the Black Saints to Ikki, proud of himself for training such a powerful Saint.

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