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100 years ago Guilt-Na-Zan was a powerful vampire lord who, while in vaporous form, was sealed into a cross by noted exorcist Kyoji Yotobari.

100 years later his grandson, also named Kyoji Yotobari takes his spirit out of the cross and uses it to animate a wax doll in the form of a cute young woman, now forced to do the bidding of the decadent modern exorcist, which mostly consists of acting as a maid for him. Now Guilt-Na-Zan can only regain his original form by drinking the blood of Kyoji’s sister, which only works for as little as ten mintues, and on the night of the full moon. Guilt-Na-Zan continues to plot how to regain his true form and power, while Kyoji continues to make him wear little maid outfits he’s made and serve tea, while at the same time altering his magical abilities, which at one time were powerful, so that when in doll form he can only conjure up flowers, teddy bears and cupcakes.  

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