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 Harley's powers are reactivated after an accident. 
Harley is spending time at the movie theater in their town of Springfield with her family when she gets electrocuted after she spills her soda onto her hand as she plugs in a machine. The town of Springfield experiences a blackout and Harley's powers are reactivated after they laid dormant for several years. Harley's skin begins to glow and she runs off. Spider-Man just captured several members of the Sinister Six in New York when Iron Man appears and tells the web-head they need to go to Springfield because an odd energy signature was reported. Sandman was hiding in a plant pot and freed his teammates. They decide to head into Springfield to look into that energy signature.  

 Guiding Light zaps Hydro-Man.
Harley finds her husband, dressed in her old costume- the Guiding Light. Harley tells her husband that her super speed is back and she can't turn off her powers when they meet Wolverine and Spider-Man. They take Guiding Light and her husband to the rest of the Avengers after they landed with the Quinjet when the Sinister Six attack. They wanted Guiding Light to be one of their members but she zaps Sandman with an electric blast after he calls her "toots". Guiding Light slams into Hydro-Man in her energy form when he attempts to drown her husband. Guiding Light is laid out but the rest of the Sinister Six are defeated. Harley quickly recovered and Iron Man tells her that the energy signature in her body is gone. Iron Man gives Harley an Avengers Priority Call and tells her to use it when she gets into trouble.


Guiding Light was created by Jim McCann and Alex Chung in 2009 and first appeared in Guiding Light # 1.

Powers & Abilities

Guiding Light has electrical and light base powers. She can emit electric blasts from her hands, possesses super speed and is capable of flight in energy form. Her skin tends to illuminate and glow when she is powered up.

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