Why do the Guardians want to destory the Corps?

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See Above

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The Green Lanterns have become a liability, they have proven to be unstable, unpredictable and unruly, they need to be destroyed so a third Reich...ahem, I mean Third Army (beings made of the Guardian's own flesh and blood, and extensions of their own will) can take their place and be more easily controlled. 

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@RUKM said:

Why do the Guardians want to destory the Corps?

They be hatin'.

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What the two goofballs above me said.

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Because they're blue midgets whose heads account for 50% of their body mass resulting in them having to float everywhere because they have terrible balance, making them angry and evil.
On the plus side with all the floating , their little shoes never get dirty :)

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@The Stegman: Thanks

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@The Stegman: And the Guardians are afraid of the Corps rising against them to kill them like Hal did to Krona, in spite of the fact Hal tapped into the will of all the Corps to stop Krona. It is basically also they fail to see how they in turn are the flaws in the Green Lantern Corps due to their inability to understand life yet claim to protect it.

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