Who is your favorite Guardian?

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GotG is one of the few consistently amazing books being put out by Marvel and I hardly ever hear people talk about them. They have a huge team and I'm just curious what everyone thinks of them.
My personal favorite is Adam

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I love them all but I have to go with Major Victory.

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@Vance Astro said:
" I love them all but I have to go with Major Victory. "
gasp that's the shock of the century
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@Vance Astro: How can you like that poser over the one and only...

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Warlock rocks I'm glad to see that he is in the lead at the moment

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hard to pick one its such a great team

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Just look at my avatar...GROOT!!!

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Charlie-27 or Starhawk.
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yeah Groot is brilliant
@geraldthesloth said:


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current GOTG = Drax
classic GOTG = Rancor

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I actually really like Star-Lord...not sure why. 
Might just be the helmet lol 
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I really love all of them. Funnily enough, I started reading the series before Annihilation, but then I read the two events and re-read the first few issues again. Haven't stopped since. The characters have evolved to my liking and I really am attached to the team as a whole. So with reluctance, I will go with Gamora, as she is just a total @#$%^ but in the best way possible.

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@Bobby X: I must say it one of the coolest helmets and costumes but Warlock being great too!
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 tell me that mask doesnt look AWESOME
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Starlord probably hooked up Jack Flag with a sick mask too. 
My favorite has to be Rocket Raccoon. Love that little guy.

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Does Moondragon not count? 
Moondragon for me.

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