Who is fated to die?

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   At the start of the book, Mantis tells us that members of the team are fated to die soon. Well, my first thought was that the team had broken up so that lesser lights like Jack Flag, Groot and Bug could bite the big one. But...I'm hoping not. 


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It's none of them.

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Vance Astro said:
It's none of them.
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Hmmm maybe Star-Lord, that would suck though he's like my favorite character next to Drax

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   I was wondering if Mantis was sensing the deaths of the Original GotG (Martinex, Nikki, Charlie 27 and such), as it has been implied that the distant future isn't always clear to her. Also, Mentor had to "Kill" Drax and Phyla for a bit.

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   Well, if the latest issue is true, it looks like it was the original Guardisna (without Nikki, for some reason) Star Lord, Bug, Jack Flagg, Mantis and Cosmo. Granted, it was a death in another universe, and so suspect that they could all easily be brought back somehow...but it certainly looked like the event Mantis was seeing.
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phyla n gamora

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@Vance Astro said:
"It's none of them. "

   From the latest issues, it looks like you were right on this...which makes me happy, as I didn't want any of them to die. The Guardians of the Galaxy are the only Marvel team book I'm currently buying, and some of the secondary characters (Jack Flagg, Cosmo and Bug) are some of my favorites! ;>)
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At the rate the book is going its gonna be the whole title soon. The art has been bad and the story hard to follow with all the time jumping.

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Forgive me if I am wrong, I just started reading at #17, but technically isn't Adam Warlock dead now that he is the Magus? The past two incarnations of the Magus were separate from Adam, existing alongside him. Both were truly evil and showed no signs that they could be reverted. The second Magus was given the opportunity to change his ways and refused.  
Does anyone think that Adam can turn back into his old self?

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I hope that they either keep Adam as Magus and make him a huge cosmic villain or they kill him for good.

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Whoooohoo.. fated to die. So random. EVERYBODY is fated to die. lol

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