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Hello everyone . It is nearly my Birthday and I want to start reading the Marvel's Cosmic stories. I want to get The Thanos Imperative Hc but where to I go before that. Do I start at Annihilation or War of Kings?? Please help!!!

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@spider-man 2996:  Man, that's difficult to answer. Really you can pick it up anywhere, but to get the best complete story you should start with Annihilation. Its all been one flowing massive story, only branching off every now and then for Nova during things like Secret Invasion and Civil War. I was never into the cosmic corner over at Marvel, just not my thing. I was into the mutant related titles. THEN I gave it a shot and loved it. Guardians of the Galaxy became one my must read titles each month and I couldn't stop thinking how much cooler Nova was than Green Lantern. War of Kings was pretty cool, and I loved The Thanos Imperative if for nothing else than the fact that it places Cthulhu-like creatures in the Marvel universe. Being somewhat isolated from the rest of Marvel helps the books a lot; they read more like sci-fi stories rather than superheroes in space.
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If i were you i would starts with annihilation, then annihilation conquest, then pick up x-men: rise and fall of the shi'ar empire, then emperor vulcan mini, then x-men king breaker, then move onto war of kings, followed by realm of kings and thanos imperative! but make sure you read nova and guardians of the galaxy great runs. also go back and read the infinity trilogy with thanos some really good stuff! all available in trade! hope that helps

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