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i have finished reading  GOG  from  issue  1 to the end  of TI    including  WOK & ROK   what  i want to know now is where and what should i read now is  Annhilators a direct follow up from GOG  seen as the series isnt been published anymore ?

edit  do  any of the other series   resolve any of the plot holes that have been  opened but not finished ?

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Annihilators is a follow up of the Thanos Imperative with the major cosmic heavy hitters, not really having much to do with GotG except that this was the team Starlord supposedly really wanted to form.

The back up story is a follow up starring Rocket Raccoon and Groot. Any other character from the Marvel cosmic story lines are in limbo, including all the remaining characters (that survived) from GotG, Nova, War of Kings and Realm of Kings.

Currently, Annihilators (4 issue mini) and the Silver Surfer (5 issue limited series) are the only cosmic books being published. I haven't heard of any plans for future books including any other cosmic characters. :(

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This makes me sad. I loved everything up until the Annihilators, which I accept begrudgingly :/

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