should i buy a Guardians Of The Galaxy trade

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should i buy a Guardians Of The Galaxy trade and can i get some info i don't know much about them

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I have some of them I will give some info.

The guardians of the galaxy are the ones who protect the universe against great threads. The ones you saw in the poster were Rocket Raccoon (a bio enhanced earth raccoon who is a tactical genuis and a weapon expert) his best buddy Groot (an alien who resembles a living tree whe has superstrength and can grow back his destroyed parts the only words he ever uttered are: "I am Groot!" Star-lord (peter quill the leader also a weapon expert and earthling). Drax the destroyer (An alien who was only created to destroy Thanos, he has some powers like superstrength, etc. and Gamora (an alien who is a fighting expert) enemies of them are Magnus and Thanos.

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By all means, GOTG was a great book. You get epic cosmic adventure, great cast of characters, sharp writing and excellent art.

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I'd buy it. It's an enjoyable read.

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The new ones are fantastic. I wasn't a big fan of the old ones.

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No, you should buy all of them.

Links are provided at the top of this page. This will cover the new team/series that will be featured in the movie(s).

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The best one you can go for is Thanos Imperative. which was a great story with the Guardians and the Cancerverse.

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