Is there any explanation for their return? *possible spoilers*

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So, in Avengers Assemble the Guardians are back, even though some of them were dead or trapped into an alternate universe. Was any explanation offered for their return?

It wouldn't surprise me if there wasn't. Reading Avengers Assemble makes me cringe, there's just so many things wrong with it.

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Don't think it's canon.

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My bad, apparently it is.

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They're gonna be in a movie soon /thread.

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Cash-in, Bendis randomly blows things up and pulls people back from the dead because he knows that's what gets attention in comics

Anyway there's a big crossover event happening, AGAIN

He was also involved with redesigning all Uniforms with Steve McNiven

Some of the stuff might tie in with the movie because Bendis was allowed read a genuine leak of the movie script

Brian Michael Bendis stuck Ironman on the team so he can learn some scifi tricks and amp himself up to DrDoom cosmic levels

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