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When I say teamwork, I actually mean it in two different ways. 1. This may seem lame, but what I liked about this issue is the dynamic between the Guardians. They all worked together to overtake the Spartax ship. This issue shows that the gang has been doing this for a while and aren't messing around, they mean business. 2. Bendis and McNiven are creating something really special, the art and the story blend very well together. The cover is awesome, Rocket Raccoon is quite a personality in this series. The art is gritty when it needs to be and clean and crisp when it should. I knew next to nothing about Groot going into this series, but he blew me away with his appearance. The free backup Infinite comics on Marvel's Digital Comics App, are worth checking out if haven't already.

Some of the dialogue is repetitive. Hey did you hear we have the Guardians imprisoned? I hope Bendis does not go overboard in the future with the "Blamo! Murdered you!" from Rocket and "I am Groot" from...Groot.
Iron Man was kind of useless in this issue, but that may have been the point. It will be interesting to see if his call is answered.

This was a fun issue. You are strapped in for the ride with a great blend of story and action. I enjoy this series the more I learn about the characters and where this is headed. I should mention that I am in the process of collecting the older Guardians of the Galaxy series, so I am gradually discovering more about these characters and how they fit into the Marvel Universe. It seems like Bendis is on this series to pump it up for the upcoming movie next year. I hope this book continues to be fantastic.

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Posted by Nassirdada

"I am Groot" is actually the only thing Groot can say.

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