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While London deals with the brutal Badoon invasion, the fate of the Guardians of the Galaxy may have been decided millions of miles away.

Plot Summary


The Guardians are over London while the Badoon are attacking the city and Gamora says that she has seen the Badoon do this before and if they don't stop them London will be destroyed and wiped off the map. The Guardians get ready to attack the Badoon but Rocket Racoon attempts to regrow Groot and jump starts Iron Man's suit to get him back up. Iron Man wakes up and tries to radio the Avengers but finds that all communication lines have been severed and he then flies out with the Guardians.

Drax attacks a ship and breaks through the Hull as does Gamora with another ship and they both begin to take down the ships as do all the other Guardians. Rocket Racoon gets inside a ship and starts killing the Badoon shouting 'Blam murdered you!' several times when he kills a badoon. Iron Man takes down a ship as does Gamora. Drax goes into a rage and attacks the Badoon and Rocket Racoon sets his ship on a collision course with the one Drax is in. Gamora tries to save Drax but they are both caught in the blast of the two colliding ships and Iron Man flies into save them. Back on the ground the Guardians re-meet and Drax's pride has been hurt and he doesn't want to talk to anyone. Then Spartax guards appear and order that the Guardians stand down and that they are now prisoners of war.

Six weeks ago the great leaders of the galactic empires of the galaxy meet the Kree, the Spartax, the Shiar, Annihilus (who is host to this meeting in the Negative zone) the Brood, the All mother and the Badoon. J-Son king of Spartax (Star Lord's father) tells them about what he thinks they should do about Earth and the threat it has placed on them and how Earth has managed to stop many attacks by the World's largest galactic threats. In the end the group decides after the All mother says they can't take Earth and that it is now of limits the Badoon leader then smiles at this.

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I never was a fan of the Guardians of the Galaxy prior to this series, having only read a couple of issues from Dan Abnett's run, and a couple of issues of the series that preceded that, and although the Abnett issues were good they didn't quite get me hooked. This series however has done that, and with the brilliant start, and it continuing in that fashion I'm really looking forward to the upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy movie next year.PlotThe Guardians of the Galaxy, and Iron Man try and sav...

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