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 Tommy and Gilotina
The Guardian and Project Cadmus dismantle Dabney Donovan's lab.  Meanwhile the Newsboy Legion and Dan Turpin tell a story of how he met the newsboy legion when he was a kid as part of the Boy Commandos.  Just as their tale ends however the Female Furies and Boss Moxie break into the Metropolis Special Crimes Unit Base and kidnap the clones of the original four members of the Newpaper Legion.  
The Female Furies also capture Tommy Tompkins (clone) and Gilotina.  Tommy has feelings for Gilotina and he talks to her while she is in lock up.  There he reaches out to her mainly because he has a crush on her, but he also cares about her.  Tommy attempts to show her there is another way.

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Too much Jack Kirby!?! 0

This series is an obvious tribute to Jack Kirby and his creations and that is great but it takes on too much for a four issue series.  There are tons of characters and plot points to this series but there is so much nothing can be dealt with in depth.  This whole issue was basically a flashback to show more Jack Kirby creations.  It was not a great story.   The art in the comic was alright and it was better than the last issue but I could only give the book a one-and-a-half stars out of five.  I...

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