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Being a fan of Guardian since his run in Superboy, I was remotely glad and disappointed with his return in the New Krypton arc. We have him back, in his old school coolness, but everything about him has restarted. The Guardian in Superboy is now considered a clone and thus none of his adventures never happened, including his relationship with Roy Harper, his great nephew. I thought of this being true when he had a talk with " Officer Harper", like hw they related.
That is until I got a glimpse of him in the latest issue of Cry of Justice. When Ollie swore that they'll get the SOB who tore off Red Arrow's arm, they had a panel with Jim looking somber, not saying a word,  while GA's reflection on his  helmet, like he was just as mad as Ollie, as Roy is the closest thing to Family Jim has from his orginal life before he cloned. Does this mean that they're still related?

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@SilverZeo:I wouldn't know, but it COULD be...

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