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Grzegorz Rosinski soon becomes interested in comic books. He studies Fine Arts in Varsaw, Poland, then moves to Bruxelles, Belgium, to improve his drawing skills and to get close to the main industry in Europe. 
He starts publishing short stories in Spirou magazine under the pseudonymn Rosek. He also works for Tintin magazine, where he publishes the first story of Thorgal in 1977. He collaborates with Van Hamme, Mythic, Moebius, Dufaux, Derib, Hausman, Follet and recently with Sente. 
Rosinski is known for his work in epic fantasy comic books, not only Thorgal, also Le Grand Pouvoir du ChninkelComplaintes des Landes Perdues and La Vengeance du Comte Skarbek. He also works in a science-fiction (Hans) and a western (Western). 
Since the beginning of the 2000's, he has changed his way of working in an interesting way. He gives up the classic system of first drawing with a pencil, then adding ink and oulines. Now he makes the whole thing directly, mixing various techniques, and every frame is like a painting. Apparently, the excitment of this new way of working renews his commitment to Thorgal and keeps him from giving up the series after 30 years.

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