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Ekatrina was a foe of X-force. She was implanted with the Prime Sentinel tech by Bastion. When X-force defeated her she implanted a device with Domino that severely hindered her abilities. After Gryaznova was discovered to be a traitor by Bastion, her nanotechnology was reprogrammed, the Aguilar Institute brought her to their facility in northern California and began a radical genetic treatment to counter the nanotechnology. Gryaznova was transformed into Gryphon.

Jesse Bedlam and Domino attempted to infiltrate the Institute's facility in northern California to confront Gryaznova, but were caught by agents wearing Phaeton Series III Smart Armor. Jesse abandoned Domino, and she was captured and brought to Gryaznova. Jesse returned with the rest of X-Force, and they fought off the Institute's agents while Jesse rescued Domino. Gryphon was badly wounded battling Domino, and set the facility on self-destruct. X-Force escaped the facility before its destruction. 

Powers and abilities

Prime Sentinels are equipped with several technological superpowers: flight, super-strength, and force-blasts as well as being able to dampen or disrupt the powers of mutants around them. They have combat computers, which allow them to compensate for surprising events (say, the arrival of police cars) faster than normal humans. Finally, their programming may use the natural personality of the host to lull unsuspecting targets into conversation, at which point they dampen their powers and kill them.

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