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Grune has returned in the new Thundercats series. A once decorated general in the Thunderian army turned traitor who was close friends with Panthro and King Claudus. He was a sabretooth with aspirations to become King one day. Over the years of his journey with Panthro to find the Book of Omens, he became distraught and thought that the assignment was a ploy to keep him away from his dream of one day being King. He heard a voice in the desert and followed it, freeing Mumm-Ra who promised him great power. Grune betrayed Panthro, and eventually his kingdom helping in the assassination of King Claudus. He is presumed dead but could very well be just trapped in the Astral Plane.

Grune is a massive sabretooth type cat who's size is rivaled by King Claudus and Panthro. He and Panthro rose through the ranks of the Thunderian army for their power and skill on the battlefield. Grune is a skilled fighter, being close to Panthro in skill. Like his size implies, Grune possesses immense strength and durability by Thunderian standards rivaling Panthro who can throw boulders at enemies. Grune's weapon was formerly an abnormally large mace, which he used with great strength. After joining Mumm-Ra's army he was given a technologically based mace that fires off electrical blasts with powerful force that can break through solid stone walls and completely obliterate large trees. Grune is also an excellent shot with this weapon. Perhaps Grune's most dangerous weapon was his sheer brutality. He once told Panthro that any sacrifice is worth the defeat of your enemy. This philosophy holds true to him that even when Panthro gave up, he tore off one of his fangs to defeat a large spider monster rather than die.

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