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Frost Giant Grundroth
Grundroth is a Frost Giant who appears to have some form of seniority among his fellow Frost Giants. Possibly their de facto and temporarily leader after another failing of the Frost Giant Utgard-Loki. Utgard-Loki traditionally their monarch and traditional leader. After one particularly emphatic loss at the hands of the Asgardians, after being led by Utgard-Loki, Grundroth and fellow Frost GIants were reduced dramatically in size, now appearing more like hobbits rather than giants, even averagely sized humans towering over the Frost Giants.  
Grundroth and his fellow shrunken Frost Giants were eventually approached by the Asgardian trickster Loki, who had travelled to Jotunheim to met with them. A bargain was struck as Loki had offered that he could restore Grundroth and his his fellow miniaturized Giants to their once former glory and stature. The conditions set were that Grundroth and his underlings would have to serve Loki for a time. However as in their nature, the Frost Giants prone to anger, decided to turn on Loki, their proper sizes restored. They sought the means to how Loki had restored them, so they could take this power source for themselves. Loki had actually been using the young mutant X-Man, Iceman, against his will to revitalize the Frost Giants.  
Although Loki was able to hold his own against the mighty offspring of Ymir even severely damaging some with heat attacks, one of their common weaknesses, he eventually falls under their group assault and he and Iceman are both at the mercy of reenergized and angry Frost Giants. However as always, Thor's arrival to the scene brings their quick defeat, Grundroth realizing that the battle was not one they could win, he called a retreat to his fellow giants.  
Grundroth's Ambition
At a later date, Grundroth and his band of Frost Giants take leave for Midgard (Earth) for the express purpose of unleashing the Midgard Serpent, Jörmungandr, as surely such a being could lay waste to their hated foe Thor. Arriving in Norway, Grundroth himself summons the mighty beast, their actions bringing success as the Midgard Serpent appears and departs to confront Thor. Better still their success as their set out to witness Thor's chances and come across the lifeless body of the Thunder God. Out of hate for Thor the Etins (Giants) even decide to attack his motionless body. Grundroth particularly pleased at this new development. In an odd twist of fate however Loki intervenes, still bitter about earlier betrayals by the Frost Giants and Grundroth in particular and employs the mighty Destroyer armor to lay waste to them, which it does with authority. Around the same time as Utgard-Loki reasserting himself as the leader of the Frost Giants.  The Frost Giant Grundroth falling from grace in more than one way.  


Grundroth the Frost giant was created by Walt Simonson and Sal Buscema, first appearing in Thor #378

Powers and Abilities 

Grundroth Breaks a Large Door
Like most Etins (giants) from Jotunheim, Grundroth is a very large and a very strong individual. He possesses superhuman strength, durability and density. His powers are directly affected by the cold, which will cause him to grow and gain power. As the opposite is true as well, sufficient heat will cause him to shrink and lose ability. Grundroth is particularly aggressive even for a Frost Giant, his field of vision is limited to a degree as he only has one eye. His left eye has been replaced by a golden orb.  

Other Media

Thor (2011)  
Grundroth will be featured in the Thor movie scheduled for 2011. He will be played English actor Joseph Gatt.         

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