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Like most young boys Calvin wanted to create a club. So one day he suggested the idea to his best friend, Hobbes, and the club was started. The first two problems was the club name and were to hold the meeting. The name was decided to be GROSS (Get Rid Of Slimy girlS) after failed attempts like: Sinister Icy Black Hand Of Death Club , or the Hobbes fan club.

The club's location was soon decided to be in Calvin's garage. Unfortunately his parent's cars take up most of the garage so Calvin suggested to push the car onto the driveway. As bad as the plan seemed, things only got worse. The car gained momentum and slid into the road shortly before falling into a ditch (luckily nobody got injured).

This problem was solved later that afternoon when Calvin's mom found them, after they attempted to run away before getting in trouble, telling them that everything is alright and that they aren't in trouble.

Afterward the club is held in a treehouse and GROSS members are only seen harassing the neighbor, Susie.


Throughout the Calvin and Hobbes comic strips there have been only two members. "Dictator-for-life" Calvin, and "first tiger" Hobbes. Despite being club-mates some/most meetings end in them arguing and fighting over relatively small matters. Needless to say, these two believe they have the best club ever.

Kinda-Successful Operations

  • Stealing Susie's doll and holding it for ransom. Later in the story arc Hobbes got kidnapped, making Calvin trade Susie's doll (and 25 cents) for Hobbes safe return.  
  • Trapping Susie in a closet
  • Tricking Susie into going behind his house and attacking her with water balloons. This failed when Susie outsmarted calvin and sprayed him with the hose.


Everybody who is in G.R.O.S.S. must wear the special honorary uniform; a newspaper folded to be a hat. Otherwise you can wear whatever you want, as long as you 're not a girl.                   
 All Members Must Wear this.




1. No Girls allowed
2. Unless forced, aiding a female will be considered treason
3. Every plan must have a code.

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