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 Groo is out again, looking for food, as he is drawn to the sounds of battle, where he finds Chakaal, surrounded by an entire army!

Groo, a gentleman at heart, rushes in, and starts slaying, before discovering that this was a training excercise with Chakaals army, who are preparing to attack a travelling fortress (using the funds from the reward in issue #7). Groo vows to help them fight... before discovering that there is no reward.

So they head off, meet with three other large armies, and search for the fortress. They find it, and it is a huge castle, pulled by huge beasts. They wait for the lizardmen to emerge, and then attack the castle through the entrance. The lizardmen retreat, and fire arrows at our heroes, causing them to run away (Groo never retreats).

After having re... run away, Groo tells of a scheme the Sage told him once, and they build a large wooden horse, which they get into, and then leave outside the castle. But the Sage seems to have told the lizardmen this trick already... who light a fire under it instead. So they continue to trail the castle, looking for an opportunity, and Groo still looking to impress Chakaal.

They attack the fortress again, and Groo decides to hide under a wounded lizardman, and be carried inside the castle. His plan has finally worked! At night he slays his way to the front of the castle, and open the gate to let everyone in, but they have decided to attack the back of the castle and have gotten in that way. They all meet up again, although Groo is a little worse for wear, and re.. run away again.

Chakaal says that with maces, they could win the battle, and Groo decides to get some for her. Returning with several bags of 'mices', he gives them to Chakaal, who is less than pleased. However, the mice cause the beasts to stampede, and the castle is destroyed. Had to be Groo. They attack, and finally win. And both Chakaal and Groo are cheered, in their own way.

No Sage story again, due to the extra long Groo one.







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