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 Groo finally swims back to land (having had a little trouble with water transport in issue #5)... and finds himself faced by a whole new type of foe, lizardmen.

He soon discovers these to be mere apparitions, created by a wizard. After running through a few of these, he decides that the wizard himself is not an apparition, and so may be hurt. His knocked unconscious from behind by two, real, lizardmen.

Groo admits himself defeated and offers his services as a swordsman. The wizard agrees. He is Kalkuto, and he is protecting Prince Canica from kidnappers.
Groo is tasked with guarding the road from the red-wearing attackers. He takes just one little nap... and awakes amidst them, and fights them, until he can no more, with Kalkuto nowhere to be found. The attackers inform him that Kalkuto himself is the kidnapper. But Groo also learns that there is a reward for the Prince's return, including the beautiful princess Bella.

Setting off to find Kalkuto, he slays a group of people also after the reward. About to do the same to a magician he comes across, they team up instead.
When they find Kalkuto, it turns out that he and the other wizard, Grativo, know each other, and they do battle with their magician, involving swords, dragons, sharks and puma's.

While they fight, Groo finds the prince, and runs off with him. But the road back to Betahr is paved with other reward seekers...
Groo fights through them, but as he is almost back, Kalkuto, having defeated Grativo, returns, and turns the prince into a pig. To then defeat Groo, he conjures up the one thing that can defeat him - another Groo! But this turns out not to be the best idea after all, and the wizard is defeated.

Finally, Groo goes to collect his reward! But the king pretends not to recognise the child (until Groo has left), so he is sent away, rewardless, yet again.
So we leave him, but at least not being chased... until kalkuto, who is a bit upset about having been abandoned, finds him that is.

In this issue, instead of a 'the Sage' story, Mark Evanier explains what exactly it is he does on this comic, something Groo readers have been asking about (and still do), and we are treated to a behind-the-scenes look at the comics production.







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