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 In this issue, Groo is knocked out by a group of Pirates, and put out to sea as a rower.

The pirates attack a boat, and Groo tears a hole in the bottom of the pirate ship in an effort to join the battle, sinking it, and leaving the pirates captured and angry. Groo is put back to rowing in the other boat, next to the captain of his old ship, who is keen to see him again..

They come upon another boat, and they free the rowers to attack it. In his frenzy, Groo once again sinks his own ship, and they are all put back to rowing on this new ship.

They spy another ship, and prepare to board...
This time Groo destroys both ships, and they are picked up by a peaceful merchant boat. The other captains all beg the captain not to let Groo board, so he is towed in a barrel, which does not stop him from sinking this one too, with the aid of a whale.

The next ship, an 'unsinkable' behemoth finds that the floating crowd of castaways prefers not to be rescued, and only fishes our Groo out of the water. Ten gold pieces say they wont get two miles...

'The Sage' is faced with escaping from a Castle, surrounded by invading hordes, who actually prefer killing hapless old men. It goes well... more or less.







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