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We open this issue with Groo walking through the desert, lost, and thirsty. He heads for a cloud of dust, and finds a caravan.

He catches a lift (a dusty one), and eventually they are ambushed. Groo runs out and defeats the ambushers, and earns the caravaners gratitude, and promise of reward from their king, King Aram-Bulam. But as he finds out that their destination is six months away, he decides to seek rest and provision in the nearest village instead. This turns out to be populated by the ambushers, whose men he just killed, and he decides that perhaps six months isn't too long after all... and rejoins the caravan.

On their journey they meet with many traps, such as blocked canyons, gorgeous, nubile, unescorted women, pits which the caravaners are not too bothered about, but that upset Groo greatly, threatening to add months onto their trip. He manages to get them through all their obstacles, single handedly digging them out of pits, and making sure the caraveners stay on track, for all those months.

Finally they arrive, and Groo awaits his reward, but decides to get a brew first. As he talks to the impoverished villagers, they complain about how their king trades all their goods for wealth, and lets it come by caravan. All of their friends, and even their daughters, tried to stop the caravan from arriving, but some mendicant called Groo kept killing them.

The caravaners come back, and thank "Groo" again. We leave Groo running, through the desert this time, chased by another horde, without reward, yet again.

'The Sage' has his wise words misunderstood again, and is faced with supplying wisdom to an entire town.







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