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Groo is playing cards and is called a 'Mendicant' by his opponents. Nobody calls Groo a Mendicant (Whatever that means, thinks Groo), and lives!

After slaying them, he continues his search for a job. He finds work carrying a Messenger. As they wait for hours for the bodyguard, Groo realizes that they were the same that he slew after that card game, and offers his services as bodyguard. The messenger is not convinced, but takes him on anyway. Groo proves himself during an ambush, although the Messenger keeps mentally deducting from his pay for getting his clothing dirty.

As they continue their journey, Groo continues to think about who could have sent the killers (Issue #1) after him.

He remembers when he was a commander for King Kohon, who commanded him to go capture the village of Larvosa, pillage it, then drink until him and his men are blind. Groo goes to his men, and gets them drunk and pillaging. Once they are blind drunk, they go on to the village of Larvosa, to face the opposing army. Although they do manage to find their swords, they are heavily defeated. Perhaps King Kohon is upset about Groo's little mistake in the order he followed his commands in?

They are ambushed again, and the other escorts are killed. The messenger gives Groo the message, and asks him to run, and see it delivered to the king, before he is killed.

He gets to the king, who read the message, signed by the High Priest of Zumu, Princess Canaria and King Kohon, saying that if he ever sees Groo, to make sure he is executed, and suffers. Groo hasn't been recognised yet, and hides in a chest. Later, the princess of Kohon is presented her priceless birthday gift, which Groo has been sitting on, at which the King asks "who is this man?!!" , at which point Groos old friend, Taranto, spots him and says "Hello, Groo!".

We leave Groo once again in hiding, with another horde looking for him.

In another short, 'the Sage' injects his own brand of wisdom into the issue again, helping a king solve the problem of his heirs, who are both in love with the same girl.







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