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Not too much is known about this eccentric villainess known as Grindhouse before her recent encounter with the Heroes for Hire during the Civil War saga. She tries to get a new identity, passport, drivers license and plane ticket to leave the country from Vienna. Grindhouse along with other criminals that oppose the Registration Act include Ghost Maker, Shockwave, Goldbug, Equinox, Bloodshed, Kogar and Shadow Slasher would clash with the Heroes for Hire when they raid their operation. Grindhouse engages Tarantula in combat and is eventually taken down when Paladin, Orka and Shang Chi arrive. 

Equipment and Abilities 

Grindhouse has a series of tiny blades all over her costume from her shoulders, wrists, knuckles and some that run down her torso and legs. She can cut and slash her opponents whenever she strikes them.         

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