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Written (and lettered) by British-American Alex De Campi (Smoke), this Dark Horse series is an homage to the B-movies and drive-in cult classics of yesteryear. Each story is completely independent of the previous. The first two-issue storyline, "Bee Vixens from Mars," was illustrated by Chris Peterson. In this story, an insect-like Martian "queen" attempts to recolonize the Earth, infiltrating a small Texas community through its young women. However, the invader didn't count on "bad-a$$ chica," Garcia (who seems loosely based on the character One-Eye in the 1973 movie, Thriller: A Cruel Picture). The second arc is titled "Prison Ship Antares," and is essentially the marriage of movies like Chained Heat and Female Convict Scorpion with science fiction. The third storyline, beginning in issue 5, is titled "Bride of Blood."

Like the movies they emulate, there is strong sexual content and graphic violence. The first issue has an excellent essay by De Campi on the title's B-movie influences, with subsequent issues featuring pieces by assistant editor Ian Tucker. Like Quentin Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez's Grindhouse movies, there are fake ads, and the back covers feature "movie posters."

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