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It isn't a dog

Britney Waters as a character is a bit of an enigma to me in how she is being utilized.  As the original Grimm Fairy Tales character (appearing before even Sela) she has been given a new lease on life as a character after the engaging treatment of her in Myths and Legends.  She has now become a full fledged Grimm Fairy Tales style super hero, with super hero costume, and martial arts training.  This is all fine, it works well with her as to develop her character.  At the same time it seems as though some of what made her in the first place is now lost.  Her costume is the main draw now, not her character, and the complexities which made her more engaging are somewhat ignored.  As the first issue to focus on her since she has become her superhero version, the developments here are not entirely in line with her previous character portrayal.  This is still a fun issue although I don't necessarily agree with the concept of justice advocated by Britney and Sela.  This will be an entertaining read for the fans of the series, but not particularly memorable otherwise.  

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