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Into the box

I find generally speaking that when writers delve too much into ancient mythology that they end up missing a lot of the reason for that mythology.  That is to say that a lot of mythology serves as either parables or moral stories for those that here them.  Thus in this case as the writer is telling a modern version of the story of Pandora’s Box, that most of the original story is lost.   As usual one of the main problems with the ancients is that there is not much to connect to.  As the reader we are somewhat expected to have formed in our minds the characterizations, but generally that is not enough to rest on.  So here we are expected that the different gods act within their respective established characters, even if those do not offer much in terms of actual basis for a plot.  The best among these is Angel (or Hecate as she was) who has been given some lead-in but not really enough yet to take center stage here.  It thus leaves things a bit muddled and doesn’t really engage the reader.  The concept of this series seems to be a good enough one (to highlight characters from across the entirety Grimm Fairy Tales stories) but the first story does not set this off on a good direction.  

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