Is $80 too much to pay for Grimm Fairy Tales 1?

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I enjoy reading comic books, but I also enjoy the investment aspect too. Ebay sellers have GFT 1 first print for 80 bucks, but most of the guides list it for 20. So has the price guide not gained in price or is ebay overpriced?
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It's not eBay that's over-priced it... it's the seller.  They're trying to make as much money out of people who haven't got any common sense.  Like they say about fools & their money.
Although it does well enough to keep printing new volumes, Grimm Fairy Tales isn't a hugely popular or a well known title & it's still only a few years old.  It might be CGCed, which often drives up the price (although I wouldn't pay that kind of money for a comic I couldn't read).  However, if it's just a regular comic book then it is only as much as you're willing to pay for it...

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that's like IE's most hated comic of all I highly doubt it's worth 80

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Sorry to just catch on to this post, as you have already probably made your decision. I'll say this though - there is no Guide listing. I was about to make a thread of my own which I may here shortly. But yes sir, Overstreet does not list it. Neither did Wizard before it hit the skids. So when you see # 1-3 in particular going from 50 to 100 particularly if they are graded at 9.2 and above don't be surprised. I would ask whom @aztek_the_lost said:

that's like IE's most hated comic of all I highly doubt it's worth 80

when he references IE. I have no idea whom this is or what entity they are. However, all that aside - wife loves the series and the whole line only continues to grow. It's like the Tarot books though, which have been around for over a decade now with no real way to put a value on them because Overstreet won't list 'naughty' material. Oh, yeah - wife also has an English major among other things and reads more in a week than most of us will in a lifetime. So, take that with a grain of salt as someone whom might be a discerning critic. Good luck though.

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Yes...yes it is

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Hey thanks again, Aztek. Much appreciated. In response to Avenging though - I will say that I initially sent off an ungraded copy of Grimm Fairy Tales # 1 and had it come back in less than what we wanted. After that, I went and hunted down an already graded copy at the grade we wanted and spent 80 $ on it. That being said, I'd do it again in a heartbeat. The back market has been extremely volatile on all the books because there's yet to be a codified way to price it's turned into a sellers market. I hunted for a while before picking up the 80 dollar copy though - and it was the best I could find after a few months of being patient on the market. I frequent comiclink and ebay among a few others whom deal in graded books and it was as good of a deal as you'll find.

Granted I got it - its only a 7 year old book. But go back and look at early issues of Cerebus or TMNT. When you get an indie publisher with limited print runs and low distribution you run into a scenario where you get lightning in a bottle upon occasion. It really boils down to whether you feel like you love the book enough or if you're just looking to invest. If its the latter I'd recommend checking the companies staying power. By the by, Zenescope's been looking strong in the market - even through 3 years of a down economy. Tough to argue with that.

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@aztek_the_lost said:

@Grey56: IE is inferiorego (one of the staff members on this site)

Indeed and i can't talk him into it either.  I would say $80 is a bit much though.  Issue number 1 wasnt even as good as some others in the series
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I wonder if the OP bought the issue...

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@RazzaTazz: 80 $ isn't that much given the market for NM grades on the book. It's tough to find a 9.2 or above copy for less than that. I came across a copy not long after my first post in this thread that was a 9.6 for $ 100 and picked it up immediately for the wife's birthday - then sold the other copy for a profit.

If you haven't seen how the books move at a show recently - it surprised even me how well they performed. The first four issues command a premium due to their low print run. And while I can see someone saying that don't enjoy the story as much - I'd advocate that I don't like the writing/scripts from anything pre Neal Adams for Batman...but it doesn't mean I wouldn't love to have my hands on some of those back issues.

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I've got the first few years of them. and I'd like to sell them. That's how I found this. I was trying to figure out how to eBay them.

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