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There Has Been Some Mistake

I first picked this series up while digging through a collection of bulk comics I had bought that I knew had a fair amount of GFT comics in it. After a friend of mine introduced me to this series, I have found it to be a good occasional break from the Superhero comic. Initially, I was looking for the Neverland series which my friend had recommended to me. Turned out I was wrong and I didn’t have it, but amongst the pile of comics I found this series. After my friend suggested that the minis were often much better than the main GFT series I decided to give The Piper a whirl. With this third installment into this mini I’m still finding myself intrigued.

The plot thickens as The Piper has come to complete Sean’s subconscious desire. The Piper turns on Sean’s friends after what Sean said in the last issue about his friends not lifting a finger to put a stop to the bullying. Sean is obviously unable to save his friends, but then the story shifts and tells us the origin of the Pied Piper, which is in of itself a very interesting tale. Unfortunately though that is where the interest stops, and the series does a 180.

During the origin tale of the Piper we run into a figure which appears to be Belinda, speaking to a man in search of the Piper’s corpse. During this moment the father says “Never Play Forward those accursed Neumes!” Sean read this out of the Grimm Fairy Tales book he had received from Belinda in the first issue, and somehow from this one saying Sean presumes that playing the Neumes in reverse will unsummon the Piper, and funny enough it does! This just seemed like a really cheap cop out for what has so far been a great series.

After the origin story of the Piper this issue loses a whole lot of its steam, and it seems to shift from that of an interesting tale with interesting characters to that which is reminiscent of a cheesy horror flick where everyone is trying to escape the boogeyman. Perhaps this is just a fluke and maybe it will pick up and finish itself off with a bang.

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