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All You Subconsciously Desire

With the second issue of this series we jump right into the action, and see the consequences of Sean summoning the Piper. The Piper immediately goes after those who bullied, and takes them out in gruesome horrifying ways. What he Piper has agreed to though, is to grant the justice that Sean desires most on a subconscious level, and towards the end we see Sean’s mistake in making a deal with the Piper.

What I like about this issue though is how the Piper caries out his acts of revenge. GFT is known for taking the classic fairy tales, and warping them into something dark and demented. So it’s interesting to me to see this horrific use of a character from a child’s tale. Those who are more familiar with GFT might be more familiar with this and would not be as impressed as I am. I think though, that the ways which the Piper carries out his murders are very creative. Also the dialogue in the series is still very strong and it continues making you feel for Sean and other characters.

Perhaps though, what is this issues greatest strength is also its greatest weakness. This issue is action packed, and it thickens the plot, but it does so in a way that is predictable. The method in which the Piper takes his victims may be creative, but there is nothing about it that you cannot not see coming. You know these people are going to die, and it’s not surprising at all when they do die. What I do question though, is the characters seem to constantly not notice one of their members is missing. For example, early one of the bullies gets webbed up and eaten alive by spiders when he is left behind by the group. No one thinks to go back and look for him. That was just one part that sort of troubled me.

The Piper still keeps a very strong tale going, and despite its flaws this issue only serves as the rising action as we approach the climax. I can’t quite decide yet though if this series is setting itself up to be a tragedy or something else. Perhaps the next issue will reveal more.

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