delphic's Grimm Fairy Tales: The Piper #1 review

I Play For Your Soul

Bullying is worldwide problem, and each year the reason many kids turn to violence is to “get back at” those who have bullied them. GFT: The Piper seems to be taking on this theme, and follows the story of a talented violinist named Sean who is consistently bullied by the school jocks. At one point Sean receives a fairy tale book from Belinda, and after a certain event Sean summons the Pied Piper to take revenge on those who hurt him. What I’m loving about this issue is that it starts off this mini-series in a brilliant way. They present us with a tragic character, and give us several reasons to care about him. Sean is a very talented and nice person, but because he is different that makes him the target of bullies. We come to see Sean's anger and frustration, and that dark inner desire for revenge. If I have only one gripe with this issue it would be with Sean's love interest: Holly, who is a pretty girl who just transferred to Sean's school. She takes to him immediately, and to me it felt kind felt like she was a bit of a creepy stalker making it feel a little forced. This doesn't take away from the overall feel of the issue though, and the theme of being a victim of bullying is so well executed that it sets us up for what seems will be a very interesting tale.


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