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There had long been an uneasy peace between the various Queens of the realm of wonderland. But with the arrival of Keres, the death card and Ace of spades, it is a peace that will not last. Vying for control of the realm of madness each has been brought to this place of insanity for unknown reasons. But now those reasons will stand revealed and the madness of wonderland will threaten to engulf them all in a battle that will only end in a battle of the...clash of the queens. AGE OF DARKNESS TIE IN. Featuring the origin of the all new Queen of Clubs.

List of covers and their creators:

CoverNameCreator(s)Sidebar Location
ACover AAnthony Spay & Ivan Nunes1
BCover BAlfredo Reyes & Vinicius Andrade2
CCover CSean Chen & Sean Ellery3
DConnecting Cover DRichard Ortiz & Ula Mos4
REDallas SciFi Expo Exclusive, Limited to 250Vincenzo Cucca & Sanju Nivangune5

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