razzatazz's Grimm Fairy Tales presents Wonderland #7 review

Figure it out

The usual format of the Wonderland series is slightly modified here and not necessarily to the best effect.  Generally speaking I have some issues whenever someone is drugged to unconscious in any work of fiction (as it is in actuality hard to do this without killing them.)  It is not so much this though, more so the fact that Violet's life has become almost like a case of a cliched teen, with her rebellious friend that makes her do things which she shouldn't do.  This also ties into some usual horror cliches as well.  The effect is not as good as the writer is probably hoping to achieve.  Where this does succeed though is by focusing on Calie and her continuing struggles with Wonderland.  The side story involving Salome is a bit too disconnected now to be able to judge itself worth but at the least it has a good basis.  This is not the strongest in the series but still relatively strong. 


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