razzatazz's Grimm Fairy Tales presents Wonderland #6 review

Something out of my dream

My ongoing frustration with Raven Gregory goes on as he delivers here another great individual issue of this series, despite that I find his work to be poorly executed and conceived elsewhere.  As with the best of the best of the Wonderland series, while the plot here is engaging enough, it is really the characters that drive this forward.  The writer lets Calie take a break here and instead for the first time ever gives Violet the center stage as she battles with the onset of the Wonderland madness as best she can.  It is a fascinating approach which is taken as she ventures through her consciousness exploring the different people that live in the new apartment complex.  The secondary plot involving the two Queens is also pretty well handled as Salome journeys through Wonderland and recounts the story of another way in which the mirror has been used against the people of Wonderland.  A pretty well executed issue overall and one of the more memorable from the entire Grimm Fairy Tales lineup in recent times.  




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