razzatazz's Grimm Fairy Tales presents Madness of Wonderland #1 review

Crime Scene Investigation

It is always nice to see a title which ties into the bigger concept of the Wonderland series from Grimm Fairy Tales, but like the Call of Wonderland series before it, this series starts off being mediocre mostly because of a lack of well established characters.  The cover in this lead issue indicates likely to where this series is going even if how it gets there is not as clear.  The story focuses on Emma Legrasse, a supporting character in the Call of Wonderland series who gets top billing here.  She is still trying to piece together the mystery surrounding the disappearance of Salome and Julie but has a new murder to solve.  However, as it unfolds it may not be unrelated.  The general tone of the Wonderland series is still here but there is something intangible missing.  A good read and those who are Wonderland fans will not be sorry for picking this up, but for those that aren't they may want to get their hands on some of the material first.  


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