razzatazz's Grimm Fairy Tales: Myths & Legends #24 - The Summoning, Part 3 of 4 review

Like the wolves

That this issue follows a poorer lead-in works for it in that the quality and continuity is a lot better here and thus seems a lot more complete as the previous two issues.  As usual any comic series which takes the effort to build its characters is going to succeed a lot easier than one that depends on plot developments, and so that works well here, especially in relation to Gina who thus far has been mostly ignored in both this story arc and the one which preceded it.  It is kind of a brutal way in which this occurs, but that in turn makes this more like the traditional Grimm Fairy Tales stories.  The developments at the end are less credible, as one of them is not explained well (or maybe simply described well enough) whereas another could be garnered from reading another series.  In the end though the writer seemed to have quite a few balls juggled at once, and that only a couple are dropped serves this story arc well, especially with the cliffhanger leading into the final issue. 


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