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Grimm Fairy Tales presents - "The Devil's Gambit". The armies of good and evil are gathering on both sides in preparation for a war that threatens to rip the Grimm Fairy Tales universe apart and destroy earth in the process. After recruiting Cinderella to help lead his army the Devil adds Pinocchio to his ranks. But first the boy puppet must endure a hideous transformation that makes him a potent living weapon. 
Cindy is re-introduced, with a slightly different costume and wielding the power of Carnage, the magical blade.  She is able to cut through many powerful agents with it, despite her overall lack of training.  The story is then told as it relates to Orcus.   The demon known as Orcus controlled a realm which he ruled alongside his evil goddess wife.  They were relatively indifferent rulers, except the wife like to interfere in the lives of the locals.  One farmer on the verge of starvation begged for some relief and she appeared.  She offered him bountiful harvest as long as he gave her one flower per year every year for seven years.  When she returned to collect finally it became evident that she meant in fact one of his daughters, all of whom were sacrificed to add power to Orcus' own.  When the time came to collect the seventh, the queen did not show, and the farmer thought she might not, but eventually she did.  Before the daughter was fully killed a knight visited the farmer and heard of his plight.  That knight was Shang.  He rode to the castle to free the last daughter and was aided by seven ravens.  These ravens contained the souls of the daughters.  Against strong odds, he bested the two and the daughters were returned to life.  The youngest daughter was given to him as a bride for his heroic effort.  This daughter was Alexxa.

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This issue is told somewhat in two parts.  The first part I would say for the first time lives up to the cover images in the series with a fair amount of female skin and splatter.  I was not really dismayed by this, maybe I would have been in issue 1, but the series has done such a good job of creating strong female characters, that it is kind of hard to get very bothered by 5 pages of what people assume this series is about.  The second half of the story is quite a lot better though.  It is ano...

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