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Drew’s gorgeous girlfriend, Jenna, has finally left him and his abusive ways behind as she finds happiness in another man’s arms. But the vengeful Drew is not about to let the happy couple live happily ever after. Meanwhile an enraged Beast searches for his Beauty after she was rescued from his estate. The Beast’s plan is to take Jesabel back no matter what the cost and he knows that means nothing short of death and destruction on his path to find her. Not even Sela herself can predict how this intense saga will end.

The story continues with a flashback as it shows the present actions of Drew as a result of abuse he suffered earlier in life where he learned violence as a means to solving problems. Cutting back to the fairy tale, the young woman responsible for the curse returns and shows him the rose and informs him it is not yet too late to reform and to stop regarding Jesabel as a possession. He chooses instead to ignore her and refuses to take responsibilities for his actions and seeks out his revenge. As he attacks the stronghold where Jesabel is being kept, he fights through an assortment of soldiers and eventually is succesful at killing Jesabel's fiance. She runs to the top of the castle wall, but chooses suicide over being with the monster. As the action cuts back to modern day it shows the confrontation between the now ex-boyfriend and the new couple. He threatens them with a gun but eventually turns it upon himself.







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This issue falls somewhat into the same trap as some others have in the series.  As it continues to follow the story of the Beauty and the Beast and its modern counterpart, it touches on the subject of domestic abuse, but frames it around a pattern of abuse in the antagonist which has been put there by abuse he himself suffered.  In so doing it sort of glosses over the subject as it has done before with other subjects.  It is not that the subject is not worthy of being examined, it is just that ...

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