razzatazz's Grimm Fairy Tales #10 - The Frog King review

Hell hath no fury like a frog scorned

Two recurring themes throughout this series thus far is that vanity is dangerous and can consume you, and that it is important to love the right person.  Here both of those themes are present for the first time in the same issue.  The action starts off in a modern biology classes where a teenage girl is disgusted by a birth mark on her lab partner's neck.  She storms off but Sela tells her the story of the Frog Prince.  The story tells of Princess Calliope a vain and selfish princess that decides everything based on appearances and eventually suffers for this trait, as does her modern counterpart.  I liked this and even thought it was interesting how they incorporated the older version of the fairy tale, but if there is one criticism its that the same message has been repeated a few times over each by now.  


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