how did Grimlock achieved a seemingly limitless intellect

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how did he get the intellect

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If you're talking about that episode from the G1 series where he turned super-intelligent, he obtained it somehow when he destroyed that generator which some people hired by Galvatron put anti-electrons into, and all that power just did something to him. I can't explain it really. It just happened.

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And yes, I know this is more than a year late, but whatever.

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the toys say he level out of intelligence is 7 out of 10. He may have bad grammar but it is stated that he smarter than he appears.

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I think his level of intelligence varies between continuities.

In the cartoon, he is honestly quite dumb while in the Marvel comics he could be perfectly intelligent, but was prone to rash decisions and pig-headedness. I think his speech impediment there was supposed to be some sort of viral glitch.

The Dreamwave comics seemed to start out with him in the cartoon's simple-minded persona, but from the second series onward he was more like his Marvel comics self. IDW also seems to have gone with the intelligent, but arrogant incarnation too.

Personally, I quite like both incarnations of Grimlock. His cartoon personality's one of the few things from the old cartoons that can still make me laugh, while I tend to find the smart, kinda brutal character more interesting to read about.

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Well, if ya mean in that G1 cartoon episode when he became smarter, it just happened when he trashed some gizmo.

Otherwise he wuz pretty dumb in that cartoon. But in most comics, he's really smart, much smarter than he seems.

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I mean Grimlock is REALLY dumb to start out, but that was the way Wheeljack made him to be. Dumb

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