What kind of hero is Grifer ?

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He's pretty much just Deadpool...

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he has his own situation he is fighting the demonites, and he has telekinesis witch doesn't make him like dead pool, his been placed in the situation and he cant really get out off it.

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Grifter battles the demonites, and as mentioned above, he's kind of been thrown into a situation with his life that he can't get out of. He uses telekinesis, and is a great con artist.

I really don't see the comparison between Grifter and Deadpool. They aren't that much alike.

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Well, other than that they both kill.

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Pre 52 Grifter was everything from a soldier, mercenary, a hero, a spy, a felon and a Ceo now 52 Grifter is a demonite killer for now.

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I am not sure that I would consider Grifter a Hero. Not sure how they are handling his history since the beginning of the DCnU. Before he had a conveluted history (almost as bad as Logan). He was the step son to a Mafia member. Was arrested for taking part in robbery and given choice of Prison or Military and chose Military. Not much is mentioned about his normal Army service, but he was selected to be a member of Team 7 (all SpecOps - all BAD@$$es). After leaving Team 7 he spent time freelancing (various jobs including Wetworks- assasinations). It was during this time he met Zealot and began his training the in the way of the Coda. Later he joins the WildCATs (never really called heros but considered so). He has no issues with killing, but its not killing for killing. He has a moral code (similar to Punisher) but likes to use verbal banter (Deadpool) as a distraction while fighting. IF I was to draw a corrorlation with any other hero/anti-hero in comics it would be Punisher. Simply put, they are both soldiers out to win a war nobody else is fighting (Mafia vs Daemonites). But there they seperate. Cole craves human interaction and does not hide (well not litteraly, he hides in public places) and loves the sound of his voice and the attention he gets from women.

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Grifter is a straight-up anti-hero and a soldier first who hides a lot of trauma. He's not insane like Moon Knight or Punisher, but he is stuck in believing that Daemonites are evil aliens set to secretly control and enslave humanity. Not a charitable vigilante like Batman or a peace-talker like Professor X or Iron Man. Grifter kills less out of insanity than survival, but his targets are usually the right ones- like the cop who kills an evil man from killing helpless people; Grifter is just a reactive witness of violence and reacts as such in courage.

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