What are his powers?

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I'm curious since DC relaunched what are Grifter's powers? I haven't been following his new series but I know he kills aliens disguised as humans and he's the only one who can see them and I know he used to have some psionic powers. Do those still apply or are his powers just super death-defying badassery?

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@Or35ti: Super death-defying badassery :-p

So far in the two issues we have he hasn't displayed any powers at all. Although i wouldn't be surprised if he developed power's later on as a result of the experimentation he under went in the first issue.

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ya so far its pretty much him hearing stuff and running away but the way hes hearing things i'd assume its still some kind of tel powers

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@Or35ti: Before the relaunch Grifter had a healing factor, he also had strong telepathy and telekinesis powers but couldn't control them so he had them locked away during his coda training. He would then regain his psionic powers in The Grifter and Midnighter mini-series

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